Windows 7 build 7048 screenshots show up

With Windows 7 gearing towards the RC release in April 10, WinFuture has posted some screenshots of the latest Windows 7 build 7048 which it mentions to be available only to Microsoft Partners and select internal testers. According to WinFuture, the build was compiled at 18:45 hours on 19th February as inferred from the build string - 7048.0.winmain.090219-1845

WinFuture's screenshots highlights some of the changes mentioned by Microsoft to be done in Windows 7 RC.

Start button glows more strongly when clicked

New icons for Notes, Paint and Calculator applications

ALT + TAB with Aero Peek

Taskbar Scaling

On 20th of February, Sinofsky mentioned that build 7046 was still in progress which is contrary to the date mentioned (for this 7048 build) in the WinFuture and we also had a Microsoft employee's tweet on 25th Feb regarding upgrading the system to build 7047.

Considering these dates (if they are indeed correct), Microsoft seems to be progressing internally at a faster rate towards RC

More screenshots at WinFuture

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Here is my guess on the icons

They are trying to differentiate the many windows apps with the color hot tracks as they can, which would make things a level easier to find

New icons look very nice, I'm impressed, quite shocked in fact!
The start button looks even more rancid than Vista though. >_>

i thought the very latest build, this one i think... was supposed to have an internet indicator type icon, when online in the system tray? part of the network icons, wired/wireless ... hmm

I think this build looks fine, not sure why they changed Paint/Calculator though. The theme in general kinda looks like Neowin.

The hovered Start button looks like a wash of colors! Really disappointed... :(

Click image to enlarge

[Edited to make the initial image smaller, as it did not fit properly in the comments - CalumJR]

Yeah, that's a little overdone in my humble opinion, but it's not a big deal either way. I *am* digging the retro Paint(brush) icon, though! Oh, such simple days those were!

Looking nice! Glass looks different somehow, a bit more smooth IMHO. Anyone else noticed the slightly different Glass?

The new icons look awesome! I hope that's a small preview of the new icons to come... I hope Microsoft will pull a XP Luna and surprise us with a new theme/icons at release like they did with XP. (Of course, the new theme/icons should look way better than XP!

I went to the site ... it seems bogus to me as one shot says it is "Windows 7 Ultimate" and another (just below it) says it is "Windows 7 Enterprise" ???

Caveman ---> the first screenshot is from My Digital Life. The other 7048 screenshots are from WinFuture.

Anyone else craving some Skittles?

They've got the wealth of icons developed for Vista, which most will likely remain in the final, so the key would be to design any updated icons under that same scheme for uniformity, but adding a personalized touch for Windows 7; not incorporating Windows Live type icons into the OS -- unless they're planning an entire iconic revamp, which is highly improbable.

@Saarineames -

Maybe Chris-Gonzales finds this article interesting? I know I do, so I keep coming back and contributing to the discussion, like Chris-Gonzales :)

I realise you were joking by the way Just thought I'd point that out

Yeah I like a darker theme. Windows is starting to look like a slurpie after you've sucked all the flavor out of it.

I agree

and people dont tell us to download stardock. there should be a darker theme from the start, with out the ugly washed out toolbars and cartoon style icons

Windows 7 may looke a little pale, but Vista looked like an accident in a crayon factory. I'll take the calm pastel colours any day over Vista's Aero and XP's Luna. There will be skins/uxthemes to adjust the defaults for those that desire, but this is Microsoft's most professional looking UI since Windows 2000 - it's something they needed to do.

True, but come on, not everyone wants to install themes or even do these patches that can screw up the system. Microsoft needs to understand not everyone wants to fell like they are in an operating room.

I think Microsoft should provide a light based theme and a dark based theme for users to choose one with a great choice of customisation on both options (colours, etc).

I'm with Chris-Gonzales on the fact that not everyone wants to patch files. I certainly don't want to.

you can color your Windows 7 as dark as you like... you're not stuck with light blue, or any other color, the only coloring would be the icons, which are good to be able to see

Yes, I too am on about the command bar and things. As much as I like the default theme it would be nice to have a choice and a better choice of colour customisation. The 'washed' feel doesn't always add enough colour even though it is nice.

Chris-Gonzales said,
What about the explorer windows? The command bar? the control pannel sidebar? We are stuck to microsoft's faded, washed out fell,

What you call faded and washed out others call clean and calm.

Hmm, maybe? I don't know what I think to this yet - I would have to try it. I like how they are making the operating system cleaner, but I do not know if I like the colour of the 'Organise', etc, bar. Hopefully they will make it consistent enough with the Windows Live applications which have a similar interface and hopefully they will change the green text of "Music library" to blue.

Other than that, I have to actually decide if that 'Orgranise', etc, bar goes with the glass and if I like the amount of white they have I have a feeling they could add more shades, maybe a light grey/blue in places (like the sidebar) and get rid of some of the white...?

Thanks for the link Chris-Gonzales, I never knew the Windows Live user interfaces were that inconsistent. That's ridiculous, it really is.

the only complaint i have, is the startup logo on boot, they need to do something simple but colorful with it, less whirling around in circles, maybe they have changed it already

Yes, 7000 is getting old... a leak would be fine

7000 old?Tell me about XP getting old.

Those MS guys seem to be working with Fisher Price,not only does the new Paint icon look ridiculous but it's also out of place with Aero.

The orb is ok although an option for something not so flashy would be great.

They dont care for icons anymore. they are making the taskbar scalable so you can squash the icons and the command bar doesnt even off the option for icons.

microsoft loves texted based os

Anyone notice the expiry date "02.07.2009" ?? I still think that the RC will come before the 10th of April.
Come to think of it how do we know that these screen shots are real....afterall we 've seen screenshots before of builds that supposedly didn't yet exist !

Hidr0 said,
@Chris: are you telling me that this 7048 is already leaked?

Yes, build 7048 x64 has been leaked. No news as yet regarding x86 aka 32bit

Wow, I really think the new updates look nice - I love the new icons and the newer start button looks fantastic! I just hope I get chance to install my BETA copy soon as I would like to try out the old start button before I use the RC

Its the same start button as in vista. The only difference is its a few pixels smaller and has a shine whe you hover and click on it. They been tweaking it since 6801. Otherwise its the same

Yeah, that's what I meant (I should have been more clear, sorry :)) When I say "new" start button, I mean "improved". The glow looks very nice in screenshots. I may have to check my friend's Windows 7 PC out soon, I don't want to miss seeing the version in the beta.

Those icons don't seem right, why would they change them at all but if they were to why would they not use perspective? If they really have been changed I hope they're just place holders.

I think they changed them becuase people complained the old ones were "facing the worng way". I have a link to the taskforce post but long's site seems to be down. So they changed them so they are "Facing the users"

Looks pretty good. I think an update from Vista to Windows7 is in order. :)

I expect that Toshiba will offer some sort of upgrade service when this is ready

I think it means you can scale it by dragging it. But in a much smoother and faster way.

By smoother, I mean the same way it works if you have your taskbar docked to the side

From the E7 blog post

5. Taskbar scaling

We̢۪ve reclaimed lots of space on the taskbar by unifying launching/switching, by collapsing open windows and by cleaning the notification area. Still, some have asked for even more room to pin the programs they use regularly. We̢۪ve made a change to squeeze in 24-39% more icons before the taskbar scrolls; depending upon your resolution, icon size and assuming the default notification area. Table 1 illustrates the new button capacity before the taskbar begins to scroll as well as the capacity growth since Beta. We believe customers will find more than enough room to pin their common programs.

I believe (well, hope!) it also includes the ability to squeeze the icons together a bit when you have too many taskbar icons, staving off the horrendous vertical scrolling mode for just a little while longer.

I like the new glowing start button better as well, looks very nice.

It's sad to see however that they still have that hideous grey side panel background, I really hope they still change that.

Not sure about adding more glow to the start button. That thing looks way too strong.

Otherwise, looks good. I'm looking forward to the RC!

simon360 said,
Not sure about adding more glow to the start button. That thing looks way too strong.

With that glow it looks like something out of the Teletubbies. It sticks out way too much. I would prefer a tasteful start button that is a simple 2D MS flag as used in most popular visual styles, I don't need a colorful adventure in my taskbar.

MS should take a look at what people actually like, instead of shoving the glowing MS branding down our throats. It's tacky and childish. It does not look like something a professional would want to use in an office.

Who is the GUI designer of Vista and 7? I am convinced they are colorblind. Rainbows everywhere, and glows! It's either the GUI designer's fault, or Steve Ballmer thinks it's a good idea. "It needs more gradient!"

toadeater said,
MS should take a look at what people actually like, instead of shoving the glowing MS branding down our throats

@toadeater -

Speak for yourself, but you say "people" like it's everybody.

I happen to love the new glows on the start button and I'm sure others will.

I'm just curious...have you used it?

Toadeater, I see most people complaining that the Start button doesn't stick out enough. You're one of the few I've seen saying the opposite.