Windows 7 build 7229 leaked

Another Windows 7 build has leaked. This time it's build 7229. Sources are indicating that unless there is a leak internally from Microsoft, this would be last build leaked before the RTM. The build string is 7229.0.090604-1901 meaning that it was compiled a week ago. Earlier this week, build 7227 leaked to the public.

Initial reports indicate that you can not use your RC keys with this build, so if you want to activate properly you should not upgrade to this build. Update: RC keys are activating fine.

Windows 7 is still on track for a July RTM, and it's possible that it may even RTM by the end of June. Microsoft has announced that it will be available in stores October 22nd.

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re: "enhanced performance, increased speed and more"

That may be true for some aspects of Win7, BUT Compared to WinXP Pro, Win7 is 40% - 50% slower (fps) in rendering Direct3D video Apps (like ActiveWorlds); Makes Win7 a "downgrade" for that real world use, overshadowing any Win7 improvements & features.

Application Virtualization (via xpmode beta); has a place for specific legacy business use, BUT for all its good intention can't be used to overcome that Direct3D performance loss, as it isn't designed or suitable for Performance 3D video apps, (due xpMode beta's Win95 era S3Trio virtual video driver), and results in a further 50% or more loss in video rendering (fps) performance.

Hopefully you're in a position to be able to motivate the "rite people" to research ways of improving Win7's Direct3D video rendering performance. (before Win7 is released would be nice).


Not sure if the OEM in the iso filename has any significance, could that be a sign this version might have been shipped to OEMs for testing?

Thanks Jessica for the heads up. It is obvious to spot the faked or changed version of a release if you know what to look for. I have been running 7100 and just downloaded this to see what RTM will be like as it is closer to the July RTM release date. I'm glad you have responded to the technet forums suggestion and fixed network browsing speed and copying deleting etc. Before 7100 was type \\server, wait, wait, wait, wait see it. Then click sub directory, wait. See it. Now it is instant and I mean instant. And it is not dependent on the operating machine your browsing. I browse both Windows XP and an RC 7100 machine with the 7229 release. So I'm happy I tried it. It will be the first OS system that I will buy on Day one of release of 23 Oct in Australia. Thanks for officially releasing the 7100 release to the public. Best PR thing you ever did. I have the RC release running on three computers so that's 3 sales and I will probably upgrade the other two in time but they have mission critical data on them so I'll wait a bit.


I would say that is a very wise road to take. After all, remember that any "leaked" version of Windows 7 may be a pre-release and a pre-infected install with minimal security and malicious software. While the Beta version (7000) of Windows 7 will begin to experience bi-hourly shutdowns in two weeks (July 1st), the Release Candidate of Windows 7 will not expire until next year! Windows 7 RC is available now for download directly from Microsoft and is full featured with advanced security, enhanced performance, increased speed and more. To learn more and receive direct access to the download center, head on over to Microsoft Springboard.

Microsoft Windows Client Team

installed but always the same problems here... Poor sound quality (Soundblaster Audigy), Poor Video Playback Quality (Nvidia 8800 GTX), Poor & Buggy tv-out (buggy nvidia drivers)

I really like win7 (i'm on xp) but i'll pass for now

acidic-e- said,
installed it lastnight. small increase of speed over rc1 but honestly not a major deal. Nice though

I always find it funny when people say 'it's faster' than last build. Exactly how were you able to quantitate the "small" inscrease in speed ?

im sure its not even close, i mean not even EULA changed yet (not like they cant do that in a day but still), Im sure for RTM-escrow builds at least EULA would be changed already and you wouldnt have timebomb on build.

WIndows 7 7231 Pre-RTM
Installed in virtual pc.

Sorry for the low resolution but build is only available in VHD atm.

i've used aero diamond as a theme in vista. i got it from DA.

what i'd really like to see them add to the themes is GlassGlow. it had been my theme since. i only lost it when i made windows 7 my main. this looks more fitting for windows 7 imho :)

GlassGlow in action:

*ignore the dock, secretly i'm cheesy :)*

I'm trying to upgrade a prior build (I know its never a good idea to upgrade over but I want to try) to this but the installation seems to get stuck when importing settings, is there a log when it fails or get stop prematurely. Had the same issue when try to upgrade over vista, ended up doing a full install.

With WindowBlinds in beta, SOMEONE is going to have fun mocking up a fake but convincing "new" Windows 7 "AERO DIAMOND DELUXE POSH SPICE!!!!!" theme...ahem.

Wait for it...

HAHAHAHA. What is this, the third leak this week? It's not even worth leaking anymore, what a waste of bandwidth. Wait for RTM!!!

I'm downloading it.
Already set up a 32GB unallocated space on my HD for it. Posting any weird thing.


I know the RTM is just around the corner but I can't resist in doing an install from 7201 to 7229. At this point, unless you are an enthusiasts, I would hold out for the RTM. For me it is format and install.

Kirkburn said,
They're gullible too, even though it's not in the dictionary.

i just checked and gullible is so in there....

Michael Jacob said,
well that's really an innovation for users. Thank you Microsoft!

Whats with the comment? This build isnt ment for normal users.

I have downloaded and installed every single leak, but I'm going to give this one a miss. RTM is right around the corner and I'm sure they're keeping the branding aspects of the OS in total secrecy (thus why next builds are internal only). Can't wait to see (hear?) the new sounds or maybe even new animations / visual changes that they left to include at the last minute (those things generally don't need to be tested, so we may very well see new visual stuff). Those little things do get me excited, so I can't wait to see the finished product :-)

Max? said,
Apparently not.

They've worked for all the leaks so far, so why would you think they don't work for this one? Just because some people have reported that they don't doesn't mean it's true (unless Microsoft intends this build or one VERY SOON to possibly be RTM).

if you read the article

Initial reports indicate that you can not use your RC keys with this build, so if you want to activate properly you should not upgrade to this build.

WAR-DOG said,
Why, do you need some man on man action?

My, plumbers sure have branched out since I last read their job descriptions...

the plumber is also scene member at night, the plumber is ALL right, keeping the build safe at day time, and shares at night.

my kind of plumber!

neowin team, keep the plumber jokes, they are to cool.

Sam Symons said,
Tom is not going to be happy that you beat him to it :(

That calls for diapers. All these leaks. Or that panty liner with wings. The one that doesnt leak.

roblife said,
That calls for diapers. All these leaks. Or that panty liner with wings. The one that doesnt leak.

you know this from experience

roblife said,
That calls for diapers. All these leaks. Or that panty liner with wings. The one that doesnt leak.

tenna lady work a treat [so i've heard]