Windows 7 copies shipping early for some

Windows 7 pre-orders are arriving early for many in the UK.

Neowin reader dancedar let us know his copy arrived yesterday morning by a postman reliably delivering parcels instead of striking. According to a Microsoft spokesperson "Microsoft is aware of the planned postal strike and has taken action to minimise impact on those customers who pre-ordered their copies of Windows 7. As a result, some customers may receive their copy of Windows 7 a day or two early."

According to The Register, both PC World and Currys in the UK have begun shipping copies early. Royal Mail are currently planning strike action on Thursday in the UK which would cripple the ability for people to receive their Windows 7 copies on the day. Many retailers have opted for other means of delivery including DHL and UPS.

Neowin will be covering the UK launch of Windows 7 tomorrow and the US launch on Thursday. Stay tuned.

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You ought to see how my postal delivery person Ace Ventura's my packages at home... LOL But a postal strike would indeed bite.

Preferential treatment? They're only avoiding us getting screwed over again due to own own striking incompetent mail service. It's only one company which seems to have had the ok from MS to ship before the snail mail grinds to a halt again.

I expect there'll be hundreds of posts about the lack of a massive warning about wiping the drive clean to install; there are notices if you read the text but they could have been more obvious.

I just go an email mine has been sent via HDN (home delivery network), as they don't trust royal mail.

So I should have mine tomorrow before 11:00.

My 3 copies have been shipped just a few hours ago from But I doubt it will get here (Norway) until next week though.

Wow. That's really good. I'm glad to see Microsoft on the ball here. A postal strike could really be horrific... I hope it's warranted and short...

without digging too deep into the reasons its a moronic move on the post office staff, the post office are loosing business because of it and subsequently more jobs will be lost. Whatever the post office think they are achieving they are also destroying something else.

betamike said,
the standards for what's news on neowin for this week are at a[sic] all time low

The same must be said for the standard of grammar of some of the posters here, as exemplified by your good self.

F best buy. I preordered as per their website, with my card # and everything and the lady says" Sorry, I see no orders in the system. Last time I preorder ANYTHING from worstbuy

Home Delivery Network have been and gone.

Seems have asked them not to deliver till tomorrow.

Ohh well another sleepless night!

what does your tracking information is say when you go to the DHL website?

You get a lot more information than you do on the tracking on Amazon.

20/10/2009 00:00:00 WEB CUSTOMER The parcel data has been received
21/10/2009 01:07:00 DROITWICH The parcel has been sorted at our hub

I saw the van come to where I live visit a couple of homes then go.

Pre-ordered mine from Currys (£44.99), arrived Monday, installed last night (upgraded a Vista install); took around 2.5 hours but went according to plan.

It looks like IBM isn't much of a friend of Microsoft's anymore. Today IBM announced an extension of its Microsoft-Free PC effort together with Canonical Ubuntu Linux.

Boo to Win7 !

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