Windows 7 Demos

Picked up on some nice demos of Windows 7 this morning at PDC.

Firstly there is a touch screen application demonstrating the touch features and ability for multi touch during air hockey. It was a little buggy as you can see but the whole PC seemed slow so I think it was a driver issue rather than Windows 7.

We re-visited the identity mine booth later and got a much better demonstration on non-buggy hardware:

Afterwards I attended a Windows 7 session and we got a nice demonstration of the different colours hovering over applications in the new Windows 7 taskbar.

We also got a full 5 minute demonstration of "Aero Peek" which allows you to peek through various parts of Windows 7 to clearly see windows that are hidden behind and their content.

Also, the Windows 7 boot that everyone keeps asking after:

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In the end of the video of the new taskbar (which is awesome), he sais something about the number one most requested feature... What was that?

Thank you for uploading these. It's these little things that I'm glad Microsoft are taking care of. The smooth animations, the color backgrounds for applications' taskbar buttons, and others are the little things that when all put together, form a very nicely perfected product. I'm looking forward to installing 7 on my PC.

Indeed. I though it was just a gimmick but seeing it actually being used it makes a lot of sense. It's nothing radical but it improves usability and should make life easier.

I thought Aero Peek was useless for just looking at your gadgets alone (when reading the large Windows 7 UI article on top). But looking at it used in this context... just plain awesome.

I agree, I wasn't really sure what the purpose of that feature was, but seeing it in the video, it's a very nice feature. So far Windows 7 is shaping up to be a much better release than Vista was. To MMaster23's comment, I agree with that too, the new taskbar is badass. When I first saw it I really wasn't sure about it, it was just, well, strange looking lol, but after seeing it, it seems much more functional than Apple's OS X dock. Looks like Mr. Sinofsky is doing a good job heading the Windows team.