Windows 7 Enterprise 90 day trial available

Microsoft has made Windows 7 Enterprise available for free download with an evaluation period of 90 days for IT Professionals responsible for desktop administration and deployment. This evaluation period download is only available for a limited time while supplies last.

The extended evaluation period will gives businesses a chance to test run the new Windows 7 operating system to determine if it meets company's standards as the next major upgrade. This evaluation period is for IT Professionals who do not have access to Windows 7 RTM through:

  • Software Assurance Volume License agreement
  • MSDN and TechNet subscriptions
  • Software Assurance agreement allowing the download of Windows 7 RTM via the Volume Licensing Download Center.

Companies that do not have access to the above means will be able to download Windows 7 Enterprise before the retail release date on October 22, 2009. After the 90 day evaluation period, companies will need to purchase Windows 7 and do a clean install including drivers and applications.

Microsoft does caution companies about this evaluation code before users download it:

  • A limited number of licenses are available, so the download will only be available while supplies last.
  • Following the 90 day evaluation period, IT Pros who wish to continue to use Windows 7 Enterprise will be required to purchase and perform a clean installation of Windows 7, including drivers and applications.
  • Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 90-Day Trial is the final Released-to-Manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows 7 Enterprise Edition. This is the same software that is available to Volume Licensing (VL) through Software Assurance (SA) and is feature-complete.
  • Windows 7 Enterprise 90-Day Trial is available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese in both 32 and 64 bit versions.
  • Activation of Windows 7 Enterprise 90-Day Trial is required within 10 days after installation, or the product will shut down every hour. Windows 7 Enterprise 90-Day Trial is valid for 90 days after installation. After expiration, your computer will shut down every hour.

Windows 7 Enterprise is not available through retail stores.

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To my knowledge, that is correct.
There gas always been an activation period of 30 days only, appears Microsoft is really pushing this windows 7 to every outlet possible

They may be turned off by default. You can check in the Control Panel under "Turn Windows features on or off"

Enterprise edition in windows 7 does have the exact same features that Ultimate has.

The only difference is that by default some features are turned off like games, and like graywolfsc says, you can enable them in the control panel

Ultimate and Enterprise are the fullest versions of windows 7, if a feature exists, you can use it ;)

Well I love reformatting for one and good point yes not that I want to rob ms im just asking being a geeky person ive got professional on preorder and im getting ulimate oem

What im saying is couldnt i download it 10 times and have it last 900 days? by reinstalling on each isos cut off date?

If you get enough keys... But would you want to restart windows 7 from scratch every 90 days? Also.. the keys could have an expiry date on them.

Dont suppose if one was to download say 10 you could do a fresh install every 10 days? Or extend the evalution? Not that i would just on a purley tech geek point of view.

umm what?

Once you install you have 10 days to use the provided key, which lasts 90 days. After that, your computer will shut down every hour.

JoshW02 said,
How do you get a key for it do ms give one?

The key is embedded in the ISO image. Once you install you just type in the search panel, activate windows and then you simply press the activate button. After you do that you have 90 days.

bbfc_uk said,
Downloading now.
Isn't Enterprise the same as Ultimate?

Yes, same features, only difference is that it use Volume licensing instead retail licensing

This is RTM code.

I just tried out windows easy transfer and it's ridiculously easy to transfer to an external hardrive. I'll be switching over in a few minutes.

Timebombed RTM

You will need a key and enter it within 10 days. (not the 30 days you normaly have)
Then after 90 days the trial ends... (proably no rearms)

After the 90 days you need to install another version. Reinstall of this version will not work for more than 10 days, because you used your key before, it will not work the seccond time.

It is RTM code... but not the RTM DVD

You do not need a key. Once it is setup just activate your copy; once activated it comse up that you have 90 days to install a clean copy (OEM, or off the shelf).

Downloaded yesterday, and have set it up on five (company) computers for testing purposes. Each has been activated for 90 days without the use of a Key.

I'm just gonna hold on to the RC until I get my copy at the release event. The rest of my machines can wait for cheap OEM licenses to show up on newegg since the RC will still work for a while longer.