Windows 7 Install process

Long and I installed Windows 7 to his test Dell laptop today, after the bits were given out.

It took approximately 30 mins total install and there are some good configuration options afterward. It feels like Micosoft no longer asks you a bunch of questions for the install and post install which is a good thing. We took a video of both the pre-copying files install part and post install configuration.

Here is pre-install:

And the post install questions:

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They REALLY need to add an option before the installation to be able to select what to install and what not to install... even possibly as a hidden "advanced" option.

In my opinion they should have an advanced button in the installer that gives you all the options so you can customise your OS and add / remove features before it installs.

Windows, imo, has always been easy to install, but it's nice to see that there are less questions, whilst still giving good configuration options. 30 minutes is for installing is pretty good, although of course that's about how long it takes to install Vista too.