Windows 7 Media Center fixit for "weak signal" error message

Microsoft has released a Fixit patch for Media Center on Windows 7 for people who might (erroneously) receive the following message while trying to enjoy TV.

Weak TV Signal

The TV tuner is unable to receive the signal for the channel you have selected. Adjustment to the signal may be necessary to receive this channel reliably. Please try to select this channel again. If the problem persists, contact your TV service provider.

This message is displayed even though the signal is not weak and there does not appear to be any noticeable dropped frames or loss in video quality.

You can grab the (KB2708283) patch right here.

That is all.

Source: MSDN Blogs
Image: Broken TV by Shutterstock

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WMC is awesome. Been using it with my media centre extender seamlessly connected to my plasma TV. Records over 6 programmes a day for the whole family. Everyone can use it as it is soooooo simple and intuitive.

WOW ii though they gave up on it loooong ago
nice to see some activity for WMC

I think WMC is a great system and i use it almost 24 hrs a day
Other 3rd party programs couldn't master the basics like WMC does
If havn't tried it ? check it out

I get a bitrate low message every now and then. Closing/reopening MCE fixes it. Wondering if I should just take a snapshot and try this out.

IronChef75 said,
Awww, they really care about Media Center! I'm touched!

For the 1% of the WMC users (roughly 2 million people) like myself, this is great. Don't think it's useless until you actually use it as a DVR.

Neobond said,
Helped one person today, thats me then

You can make that two

This error has always bugged me as I have perfect reception and always suspected the error was caused by a bug in the software. Thanks for posting this.

Count me in, and i'll be passing this to my work colleague, we've both had this issue!
Thank you very much

Oh and count one more on that too!