Windows 7 pre-order sales remain strong

After Microsoft started selling Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional upgrades at a discount, consumers were flocking to take advantage of these discounts resulting in strong sales, and according to Information Week, those pre-order sales continue to remain strong.

Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade continues to remain number one in Amazon's software category, while the Professional version remains at number two. This is good news for Microsoft, which saw Windows sales fall 16% in the most recent quarter.

Currently, Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade is being sold for $49, while Windows 7 Professional upgrade is being sold for $99 until July 11th or "while supplies last". HP and other computer manufacturers are also offering free Vista to Windows 7 upgrades on qualifying PC's.

Customers in the US can pre-order Windows 7 from the Microsoft Store,, Best Buy, Frys, Newegg, Office Depot and Tiger Direct. Customers in Canada can pre-order from Microsoft,, Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs, Staples and The Source.

Despite these strong sales, Microsoft still faces challenges. These include competition from Apple, which is selling it's Snow Leopard upgrade at $29, Google, which is trying to undermine Windows with its web based applications. and the European Union, which has been putting anti-trust pressure on Microsoft, resulting in consequences for the consumer.

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chaosblade said,
I still can't pre-order here. Way to go Microsoft, Support only your favorite countries.

Which country? Could this because of local/national laws?

eblkheart said,
Which country? Could this because of local/national laws?

It's not because of any laws it's simply because Microsoft ignores many markets no matter how beneficial they are to them simply because they can. Preorder is only available to 5-6 countries if that.

the EU version is the full version, but like posted above its E (without IE) and requires a completely clean install.

Actually, there isn't any difference, you just pay less because you already have Windows from before.

You can still do a clean install at any time.

Tanshin said,
Actually, there isn't any difference, you just pay less because you already have Windows from before.

You can still do a clean install at any time.

You can still do clean installs?

No you can not. But a workaround is to install it without using a serial and then "upgrade" that installation.

interesting they can stay strong when they don't cover all popular markets and offer it, shame really they couldn't bring something as simple as a discount on windows 7 but persist on bringing us garbage stuff like teched to AUS/NZ which isn't actually as useful to hardly anyone...


** Before you install an E edition of Windows 7, please visit for important information. When you install the E edition of Windows 7, you'll need to do a custom (clean) installation. That means you'll need to back up all of your files and settings, install the operating system, then re-install your files, settings, and programs. Important: The E editions of Windows 7 do not contain an Internet browser. Please get a browser from Microsoft or a third party and have it on a CD/DVD or another device so it's ready to install after the Windows 7 installation is complete.

So in the UK (and presumably the rest of the EU) we have no choice but to purchase E... and then to top it off we have to do a full clean install??? Is this a joke. Oh dear.

Last time I bought an upgrade and was all excited about an OS release was Windows 98. That day has come again.

I tell everyone to pre-order Windows 7, and for the most part they've all gone and paid for their pre-order... I know word of mouth has helped with sales, as well as how well the media has talked about 7.

Yeah, would be great! the deal breaker for me is the high asking price for 7 in Australia! something like this would of swayed me, ah well such is life. Maybe in time the Aussie price will come down or MS Australia does a similar deal for us.

i was thinkin the same here neighbour and im in NZ ms nz are taking their sweet fanny time about putting the offer up here too but as i've said before its who subsidise those cheap ass US and EU deals by paying through our noses for the OS

$49.99 is much better than $119.99 if you ask me, and from what I've seen, it's well worth the price to upgrade to Windows 7 (from Vista or XP).