Windows 7 pre-orders sold out in Japan

Microsoft's upcoming Windows operating system, Windows 7, is slated for an October 22 release; however, the Redmond software giant allowed people to begin pre-ordering much earlier to beat the rush... and it seems this offer was quite well received in Japan.

According to Engadget, Windows 7 has completely sold out of pre-orderable copies in Japan, which combines sales from the 17 retailers involved with the early orders. Apparently, this is a grand total of about 30,000 copies of the operating system, and it took 1.5 days (out of the 10 that were allocated) for this event to happen. Don't think that this offer hasn't been popular in the U.S., though; Windows 7 immediately shot to the top of Amazon sales.

It's evident that this new piece of software is proving to be very popular for Microsoft, already pulling in rave reviews of the beta and release candidate builds. It will certainly provide a fresh dose of PR after the last operating system the company released. Here on Neowin, however, out of the 1396 votes (at the time of writing), only 561 people have planned to take advantage of the offer. The pre-order offer started a few days ago and will last until July 11, so if you haven't got around to it yet, it's best to do so soon.

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I had given up posting on this site because there are so many kids, who have no idea about the IT industry, and especially Microsoft!

This article typifies the nonsense going on. People pre-ordering Windows 7 to avoid the rush? Propaganda at it's worst! Are Microsoft likely to run out of DVD's or serial numbers for Windows 7?

Anyone pre-ordering software from Microsoft needs their head examined! The money is far better off in their own pocket. Guys, download and install the release candidate, and use it free for a year, then decide if it's worth the $$$!

how can they sold out something that is not even released yet ?

couldn't they just re-stock their fvcktitious inventory ?

Microsoft really needs to make this upgrade price permanent, not just a limited time offer. The reason its so popular is due to the upgrade price. The would sell far more of them and make more money with the lower price.

Suggesting that selling at half the price will gaurantee MORE than double the units sold? I think there is a threshold MS realizes that will limit the cost advantage of pricing Windows upgrades at half price.

It's nice if i COULD order. But apparently my international CC isn't good enough for Microsoft, I have to be a resident of their favorite countries.

I just love the propaganda

OMG Win7 is so cool it SOLD OUT , the pre order in Japan and Laponia ended in 1.5 days and 10min respectively , being 30k copies in Japan and an amazing 1 copy in Laponia

About Neowin vote , dont forget that not all are from the US , and 90% of these offers are only in the US due to the tax thingie , unfortunately

I preordered mine the day after they were accepting. I've been using Windows 7 full time now and I'd rather avoid problems with expiration. Plus the price was great, and in this economy, anything helps.

I know it's only pre-sale but did Japan really only have 30k pre-sale copies to sell? Seems rather low amount for such highly populated country. o_O

Good point; 127million population as of 2007. USA 303million- so they'd offer 70,000 reduced priced units in the US? I doubt that.

Prices for technology stuff are really cheap in Japan. Basically it was the same price as in the US $49, and Microsoft can be sure that most pc owners in Japan will get their hands over the new OS.
It's such a shame that Europe keeps having everything so expensive. This is the result of bad EU policies, I can already see most people will not purchase it due to the price.. and Europe will keep watching the outside world evolving while being stuck on XP

I'm waiting until RC runs out (unless retail is THAT much faster), because I'm going to wait and see what MS will offer Ultimate towards university/college students.

For all the US retailers I've looked at, you don't need to have the money now. They don't charge you until it ships. Order now and save later.

JahnnyBoy said,
Same with Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada.

Ordered online from Best Buy Canada and emails says they wont charge until item is shipped.

Through the Microsoft Store, they will charge you when they either allow it for download or it ships to you. If you wait till it is too late, you will have to pay twice the amount.