Windows 7 Touch development

So it's the last day of PDC today and yesterday I got the chance to speak to Andrew Whiddett, Vice President of Interactive Technology, regarding his companies development for the Microsoft Surface and Windows 7 Touch platforms.

Whiddett kindly demonstrated his application for us and explained how it responds to the users touch. The application displays a library of pictures and can be linked to the Surface computer to pull images onto the big screen.

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"but with a lot of lag"?

Do you actually own an iPhone?

My iPod Touch has got to be one of the laggiest and unresponsive electronic devices I've ever owned. Any time I go to pinch or expand something, it takes forever AND generally seems to think that I've let go mid gesture, meaning that I have to do any zoom or shrink I want to do on the device in like 5 separate steps.

I actually own an iPhone and have since the day it came out. Have never once had a lag issue in terms of pinching to shrink/stretch. An occasional application lag but nothing more than that. Maybe you have a buggy phone, don't generalize that issue.

Agreed, Antaris! Even Microsoft don't use WPF as much as they should in their own applications!

The new touch features look really good! I wish I could afford this sort of stuff! :P

All WPF based?

It's nice to see some decent UI stuff starting to appear, I still feel WPF isn't being adopted by the masses properly yet...