Windows 8 and Windows Phone bring the fight to SIDS

If you hang around long enough, you will know that Neowin is a big supporter of Imagine Cup and if you want to know why, take a look at what team Miracle Workers was able to create using Windows 8, Windows Phone and other Microsoft technologies.

If you have never heard of SIDS, consider yourself lucky. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and is often referred to colloquially as 'cot death' or 'crib death', as this is where it most frequently occurs. As the name suggests, when you place your child down for sleep, SIDS can strike and bring an end to a young life.

While what team Miracle Workers created may not be a first in the industry, their implementation and cost-effective solution makes it much easier and more affordable to fight this syndrome.

Take a look at the video below to get a better idea of what they've created - but to put it simply, there is a pad with sensors that can measure a heartbeat, respiration and movement of a child that can all be streamed to Windows 8 apps or to a Windows Phone.  Note: The statistics mentioned are for premature babies, who are particularly vulnerable to SIDS.

The application can track breathing patterns over time and compare it to averages for the child’s age, which the application automatically calculates and adjusts based on the child’s birthdate.

The cost for the pad is cheap, ringing up the register at $100.00 and to make it even better, it is a low power device (when compared to similar products on the market). Another benefit is that these pads are reusable after the child grows past the SIDS age.

These types of applications are what Imagine Cup is all about. By challenging students to change the world, we now have a new tool to fight SIDS.

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Please please vote for their team! The Miracle Workers are still in first place, but we still need your votes. Please vote today and tomorrow. The Springbrook High School students are gaining on us. At the rate they are going they may overtake us by tomorrow night!

That's amazing. When my daughter was born I lost an amazing amount of sleep (on top of the sleep I already wasn't getting) because I was so paranoid about this. They drill it into your head so much with "back is best" written on pajamas and stuff it's hard NOT to think about even when you do everything right.

I absolutely love the idea of this and hope it inspires others to join in on developing for Windows 8. Having said that, this app looks horrible and is a really bad example of just how beautiful apps can look when they follow the Metro guidelines.

Well done. Before my wife was born, she had a sister that died of cot death, so anything that helps in the fight against this happening is a good thing. Plus the fact that it's been done on the WP platform is a good thing for it [the platform].

Cool app/device...tho I doubt it will boost phone/Win8 sales much. And if this happens to do well, I will bet other platforms will be supported as well.

Dot Matrix said,
I for one welcome our new WinRT Metro overlords.

It apps and ideas like this that make Metro on desktops a good idea. It's this out of the box thinking that is going to carry us forward.

Dot Matrix said,

It apps and ideas like this that make Metro on desktops a good idea. It's this out of the box thinking that is going to carry us forward.

Nicely done - you know quoting yourself…