Windows 8-based notebook in PS4 video, will there be a Windows 8 PS4 app?

Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement event last night included a video where various game developers were talking about how Sony's next game console was going to be, well, awesome. The video also included some animation that showed how the general public will interact with the PS4.

One of the clips showed how people will interact with the PS4 via other devices, similar to Microsoft's SmartGlass apps for smartphones and tablets. One of them happened to be a Sony Vaio Duo 11 notebook that, of course, runs Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system. The Windows 8 logo is clearly seen in the clip, and it's shown alongside a smartphone, tablet and the PS Vita.

So what does this mean, exactly? Sony has announced there will be PS4 apps for Android and iOS products, but did not mention any Windows 8 support. However, the fact that a Sony-made Windows 8 notebook showed up in the PS4 video seems to indicate there will be some kind of PC support. Whether it will come from web browser or dedicated Windows 8 app remains to be seen, however.

We have emailed Sony to find out just what kind of support PCs such as its Vaio Duo 11 will have with the PS4. Even if the support is simply via a web browser interface, Microsoft will have at least an indirect link to the PS4 launch.

Source: PlayStation YouTube

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jasonon said,
ha, they realized how good smart glass is, start up the copy machines

Smart Glass was the first thing that came to mind when I heard of Sonys plans for this. They really haven't done anything original for the ps4 that hasn't shown up somewhere else already.

Who cares? Copy away - if it's a good feature, I expect to also have it on a device I bought. I, like most other consumers, do not care one jot about "copying" or the sad arguments involving someone supposedly copying.

I'd think it would be more likely there would be a desktop application if anything, just so they could hit the largest possible market.

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