Windows 8 business tablet coming from Lenovo

Windows 8 looks like it will have a lot of business from the enterprise market as both Dell and HP have previously revealed they plan to release tablets for the business market running on Windows 8. Now The Wall Street Journal reports that Lenovo will also offer a tablet in their ThinkPad lineup that will use Windows 8 for business purposes.

Peter Hortensius, president of Lenovo’s product group, stated, "We’re seeing a lot of enterprise users carry a tablet, a phone and a notebook. And there isn’t a good reason for why they should have to carry all three."

The design of the Lenovo Windows 8 business tablet will likely be similar to the previously announced IdeaPad Yoga tablet, which was first revealed at CES 2012 in January. That product was a notebook/tablet hybrid with a screen designed to be used as a regular notebook which could then swivel around so you can use it as a rather large touch screen tablet.

Hortensius said that Lenovo's business oriented Windows 8 tablet will be released sometime in the next 12 months. Details about the device are scarce but Hortensius did say that companies that offer the tablet will be able to control how their employees use it. He states, "I might not have a problem with an employee downloading Angry Birds, but I might not want him to download other things. That’s a feature you often find on notebooks but you don’t see on tablets."

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Glad I just ordered my X220 tablet I'm using an X201 with just pen input and I absolutely love it. I look forward to putting the Windows 8 Release Preview on the new one.

Only reason I am getting a tablet is for business use and the Apple or Google ecosystem are incompatible with the most widely used business platform which is Microsofts.
So yes I can't wait for these babies to come out. I am tired of carrying a laptop to customer sites

No surprise here, unlike some people I think enterprise want tablets a lot for their work but they want something with the ability to control at a deep level when it's on their corp network so that means a Win8 Pro x86 tablet with all it's group policy abilities and domain joining etc.