Windows 8 demoed on Qualcomm-based tablet

Windows 8 has already been shown running on Intel-based latops and tablets during CES 2012 but today a press event showed Microsoft's next operating system being demoed on a tablet running Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 processor. SlashGear reports that the demo occured during Qualcomm's CES 2012 press conference, held just before the exhibit hall opened to attendees..

The demo was a brief one with Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs showing the tablet in action, running on AT&T's LTE wireless network. Jacobs called running Windows 8 on the ARM-based Snapdragon S4 a "game changer". There's no word on which company actually made the tablet nor if the product will actually be sold by AT&T when it actually comes out.

In a press release that promoted the CES 2012 demo, Qualcomm's senior vice president of computing and consumer products Luis Pineda said:

Our Snapdragon S4 processors' LTE network support and comprehensive software and hardware integration help deliver greater flexibility and connectivity options to Microsoft and device manufacturers. PC - including tablets, convertibles and notebooks - and other device makers alike continue to choose Qualcomm processors for the best combination of processing performance, efficient power usage and wireless connectivity on a single platform.

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The Qualcomm chips will only run Windows Metro right? No legacy desktop experience or legacy apps right?

I cant decide if this is the right approach or not. At least in their favor MS are trying something new because normal legacy Windows never really worked for the general consumer on a tablet.

When Microsoft first announced Windows 8 would run on ARM chips like these, they demonstrated desktop apps that had to be recompiled for ARM but still used the desktop interface. A more recent rumor says that the desktop interface is being dropped from the ARM version.

techguy77 said,
Dear Microsoft PC is not a Tablet

Huh, and point?

Microsoft was making WInCE Tablets in the 1990s, Windows XP TabletPCs in 2002, and even date back to touch displays for DOS in the 90s and PenWindows for Windows 3.x around 1991.

What is Microsoft NOT doing that you think they should? They were too early with the form factor because the HARDWARE for the devices in the past were EXPENSIVE. Apple hit a good time, as the price drop in cheap touch screens was in their roadmap for the iPhone and the iPad, which is why they were able to produce the devices for under $2000, that TabletPCs cost with a full touch and digitizing quality screen. I wonder if the price drop on the digitizer quality screens will be around the same time Apple tells the world that finger paintng on the iPad is stupid and everyon needs an iPad 4 with a Pen/Stylus...