Windows 8 developers can now make free Modern style promo websites

When a software creator or app development studio makes a Windows 8 or RT app, they are pretty much on their own in terms of promoting the app to the outside world, especially for non-Windows 8 users. Now a company called MarkedUp has come up with a way for app developers to quickly make a website that promotes their app to everyone else on the Internet that uses the Modern style effectively.

MarkedUp, which is also an analytics platform for Windows 8 and RT apps, has now launched what it calls MetroAppSite, and as you can see in the example above, it looks a lot better than Microsoft's own Windows Store website listings for apps. It even has an app screenshot carousel that looks like it is running inside a Microsoft Surface-like tablet.

MarkedUp added

MetroAppSite uses BootMetro and Twitter Bootstrap to give Windows Store developers an easy-to-modify, brandable template they can use to their own ends .... MetroAppSite’s CSS and design is fully responsive and touch-optimized out of the box. It looks great in full-sized web browsers and on mobile devices too!

MetroAppSite is free to use for both commercial and non-commercial products, under the Apache 2.0 open source license.

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I like how the tablet carousel overlaps the blue heading if you shrink your browser window down slightly... Maybe it looks best in IE? This doesn't look good to me.

Little things like this helps the new developer get noticed. Windows 8 got a lot of bad press yet I can already see the developers trying to get noticed and with that will come more users.