Windows 8 eBay app gets major update; let users sell from the app

It's been several months since the official eBay app for Windows 8 has received any sort of update but today the company launched a major upgrade to the app on the Windows Store. The most significant new feature is that users can now set up listings to sell items from within the app for the first time.

The change notes on the Windows Store site state that users of the app can now "create, edit, and finish listings within the eBay Windows 8 app with plenty of helpful features to guide new Sellers along the way." This feature is currently limited to the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

In addition, it's now possible to create an eBay account from within the app. If you are just using the app to bid and purchase items, the new version also has an improved checkout feature, with the change notes stating, "Search, bid, and purchase an item – all without leaving the app."

Finally, there are improvements in online support and the change notes state that eBay wants to hear from its users in terms of what they like and what they want to have included in future versions, along with any feedback on issues they might encounter while using the app.

Source: Windows Store | Image via eBay

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So what you're saying is that this 'app' was less than half baked when it was released. This is my whole thing about the 'apps' and a Windows 8 PC. They are less than worthless.

I will have to agree on most of these apps like this. What is the point of having an ebay 'App' that doesn't let you buy/sell stuff. Basically, it's pointless b/c if you find something you want on it, then you have to pull up your web browser to do the 'real' stuff.

trooper11 said,
There are actually some useful apps in Win 8. I know I'v

Ok that was a mis post.... anyway, I'll continue:

I know I have found a dozen or so apps that are even useful on my desktop pc. Media apps are especially useful since I want to use them full screen, but some I use snapped.

I agree there are plenty of crappy apps, but things seem to be getting better.

I wasn't trying to say that all apps are useless. I'm just saying alot of the metro apps are like this, where you can't do all the things, and end up needing to go to the website anyways. I think it takes away from the platform when companies do this.

I agree there's not enough fully featured apps yet, but development takes time. They add these apps to the store and build them out over time. The eBay app is a perfect example of this. Its' been fine for searching and buying items, now they've added selling. Next I guess they'll fine tune it and streamline the whole experience. People seem to expect miracles overnight as soon as a new OS comes out. Sure it's Microsoft developing Windows and these companies have had time to play with the code before retail release, but they have all been so focussed on Android/iOS for the last couple of years it takes time to add another OS. But they all are and while W8 isn't wonderful atm app wise it's not like it's hard to use the websites for these companies until the apps get better.

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