ESPN app for Windows 8, Windows RT released

The ESPN app is now available for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.

Windows 8's app store is growing by leaps and bounds, although concerns have been raised that many big-name apps from third-party developers haven't yet been released. For sports fans, however, the only third-party app necessary may have just been released.

The ESPN ScoreCenter app is now available and can be found in the Windows Store by searching for "ESPN" and is listed as "The ESPN App." Through the app, users can receive game updates, read news, listen to ESPN podcasts, view game photos and watch video highlights. Additionally, live tile support provides real-time scoring and breaking news updates that can be customized through a user's preferences.

Accounts can be created through the app or by logging in through a Facebook account. After creating an account, users will have the ability to select their favorite sports leagues (currently only the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball are available to select) and favorite teams (only teams in the aforementioned leagues can be followed).

ESPN app users can customize the content they receive through the app.

ESPN's Windows 8 app was first revealed at BUILD 2012 by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Oct. 30. The company recently updated its Xbox 360 app earlier this month to include additional content through WatchESPN.

Source: Windows Store

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Nice! I like that they allow having a tiny bit of control on the Live Tiles (allowing to display scores on just your chosen team/s) as well as the notification when the game/quarter is over (haven't tested yet since NBA games haven't started yet)

jasonon said,
it looks nice but feels like it's missing something by looking at the pics

Scrolling to the right reveals tons of additional stuff. It's on par with the Android and iOS apps in terms of features, but I wish it did a better job of handling the "myESPN" section instead of just dropping all your sports teams in front of the lead stories (it takes up a ton of room if you have more than two teams you're following).

I imagine they'll be adding the WatchESPN stuff at a later date, too.

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