Windows 8 hybrid teased in AMD's Ghost Hunters spoof?

AMD has been pretty low key so far about its plans to offer its processor in Windows 8-based notebooks and hybrid products, unlike its main rival Intel which recently held a press event to show off tablets with its new "Clover Trail" processor. This week, AMD posted up a new teaser video that may be hinting at a Windows 8 hybrid with its own processor.

The video, posted on AMD's YouTube channel, is a spoof of those supernatural "investigative" shows like Ghost Hunters. It shows two people, filmed mostly in green night vision mode, entering an AMD test fa-city. After some really bad acting (we think the actors are being bad deliberately; at least we hope so), they encounter what looks at first to be a laptop case.

Then things get a little odd as the "investigators" touch the case and remark how cold it is. Then one of them opens the case and remarks that it has "mutated". The other person says, "It's not a laptop" before AMD ends the teaser video, with a note to come back on October 9th for the full announcement.

With the launch of Windows 8 less than three weeks away, we would guess this video has something to do with a hybrid product that might be running on Microsoft's next OS. AMD has already offered up information about an upcoming processor, code named Hondo, that will be a low powered chip designed to run exclusively on Windows 8.

Source: AMD YouTube

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XerXis has mutated. He seems like human but his IQ...
BTW... I am italo-greek but used to live in southamerica. Not funny at all.

XerXis said,
The latinos...have mutated!

erikpienk said,
not funny at all

I guess you are either very PC or not into british standup comedy. Probably both.

XerXis said,

I guess you are either very PC or not into british standup comedy. Probably both.

Im british and into british stand up comedy, yet I fail to see a) the revelance to that video and b) I found it unfunny completely.

Oh and I`m not PC at all, but again wtf has that got to do with this video?

I would say it's more of a spoof from Ghost Adventures than Ghost Hunters. GA has more of that "I'm going to talk to the camera bit" than GH does.

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