Windows 8 Metro inspired MySites for Chrome released

Windows 8 Consumer Preview may be available to download. however, if a person doesn't want to deal with installing a new PC OS to use something like its Metro interface, there is an alternative. Users of Google's Chrome web browser can download the recently released Chrome extension called MySites. It turns Chrome's tab page into a UI that looks very much like the Metro design, right down to its distinctive arrow logo on top.

The MySites add-on shows the most visited sites of a Chrome user and allows for a quick switch to the favorite sites section along with a section for your Chrome apps. All three selections can be edited with a quick click of the mouse. As you can see from the screenshots of my most visited sites above, they get bigger squares in proportion to how many times one visits a site. Some sites like Microsoft, Google, Twitter and Bing even show their logos in the squares.

However, if you use MySites for Chrome, be aware that the Search box in the middle of the various website tab boxes uses the developer's own Incredibar search engine and cannot be changed to Google, Bing or any other search engine. You are better off just searching via Chrome's own default search site.

Image via Incredibar

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I tried it and it's not that bad. It could do with some settings, like choosing which pane to show at start up (Favorites instead of Most used), remove the search bar, an option to resize the tiles, and if it was a bit faster, but in the end I uninstalled the extension.

Wow, have any of you heard of a chill pill? Is this all really about you all not liking metro or do you actually dislike THIS extension besides the fact that its metro?

I dont agree with Obry. Without a "Favorite Bar" there ll be more place in the screen to read & write. And almost all of your favorites is in your eyesight with a very perfect view (if you work on it a little bit) Maybe you are right about the middle placed search bar. But i cant describe it "Worst".

This is probably the worst start screen / whatever the hell they're trying to do and a search bar buried in the middle of all these tiles? I'm starting to think a lot of developers will have very hard time with Metro if early stuff like this is any indication of things to come...

Kind of seems like A LOT of people are digging the Metro... and in places you wouldn't expect. Metro's even showing up here on Neowin; just look at the editorials.

"I'm alone, sitting with my empty glass. My four walls follow me through my past."
"... I remember hating you for loving me...." riding on the Metro.

And I wouldn't be surprised to hear a few commercials for Win8 using Berlin's "The Metro": if they don't they're missing out on an excellent way to bring the 30-40 somethings in.

Marketing idea © Apr. 30, 2012 me.

Microsoft spends money on advertising too, you know...

PS Love the Berlin reference. That song would surely be the best part of Metro on the desktop. 8P

FoxieFoxie said,
Didn't Microsoft patent Metro?

I think they did, at least some design principles. but Metro has nothing to do with this utter mess

FoxieFoxie said,
Didn't Microsoft patent Metro?

Patent which part of it which is not prior art already? Rectangular tiles in a rearranging list have been around for a long time (there are even great jQuery extensions for it which predate metro, and don't forget about commercial touch screen devices going back a long long time).