Windows 8 Nook app users can get some free books and magazine issues

Barnes and Noble released their Nook eReader and online store app for Windows 8 in November, with a design that was created in collaboration with Microsoft, which has an investment stake in the Nook Media subsidiary. This week, Barnes and Noble announced a new offer for Windows 8 Nook users that will net them some free eBooks and magazines.

Barnes and Noble's press release reveals that for a limited time Windows 8 Nook app users can swipe over to the Popular Choices section and see a new "Welcome Offer" listing. That menu selection will give Nook app owners a way to download five free eBooks: The Best American Series 2012 (a selection of 15 short stories and essays), Blue Bloods (a vampire novel from author Melissa De La Cruz) Hello, Cupcake! (the best selling cupcake creation book), and The Enemy (the zombie novel from Charlie Higson).

The final free eBook is Life of Pi from Yann Martel, but Barnes and Noble says that the free version will only be available for the first 100,000 people who download the eBook. In addition, Barnes and Noble is giving away the current issues of five magazines via the Nook Windows 8 app: Food Network Magazine, GQ, HGTV Magazine, Real Simple and Time. A credit card or some other kind of payment account is required to access the free books and magazines but it will not be charged.

Source: Barnes and Noble | Image via Barnes and Noble

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I would like to be able to load my own PDFs and ePubs, for some reason this isn't a feature in the Nook Windows 8 app.


Have been using Nook for years. It's by far the best e-reader service in my opinion. The Android app kinda sucks (the one in the Google Play store, obviously the one that is embedded in their customized Android/Nook OS is fantastic), but I love my Nook Color, Nook HD+, and the Windows 8 app is pretty shiny, too. Makes me want to buy a Windows RT tablet. If only there were a way to sideload books on Win 8/RT.

Anyway, thanks B&N for Life of Pi!

WTH IS THIS? Why is the source a GOOGLE NEWS SEARCH? What kind of content farm nonsense is this?!

Edited by Nas, Mar 28 2013, 7:33pm :

Also, the deal is choosing only 1 of the options -- not all of them. They're all provided as a sample books.

Must enter payment info for free content. Lower the effort barrier for potential customers to make real purchases.

I want to download and try it out but this is another region exclusive app. So I was forced to use Kindle instead.

But it does seem Microsoft chose its partner wisely. Both of them are huge fools in making content region exclusive.