Windows 8 retail boxes get Wedge Mice and mascots in Japan

Microsoft revealed the final design for the Windows 8 retail box that will contain the physical disks a few days ago, but it seems like that design won't be universally used. In Japan, they do things a bit differently.

The website Akiba PC Watch has posted up word that, according to a leaked retail document, the retail box for the Windows 8 Pro 64-bit version will show two anime-like characters on the box design. One is a long haired girl holding what looks like a touch screen tablet, while the short hair girl in the background is just, well, standing there.

There is another design where the short hair mascot is up front while the tablet using girl is in the background. The retail boxes also appear to come with Microsoft's recently announced Wedge Touch Mouse made for Windows 8, which makes us think these are bundles and possibly limited edition sets.

In a separate article, Akiba PC Watch reveals there are some plans for some kind of Windows 8 launch events in Japan on October 26th at several of the country's major retailers.

Compared to Japan's Windows 8 retail boxes, the ones made for the Western market look, well, a little dull.

Thanks to AngelWZR for the tip!

Source: Akiba PC Watch | Images via Akiba PC Watch and Microsoft

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Characters are from Sailor Moon cartoon. I liked that anime or cartoon. I guess its very popular there thats why they are using them to promote it.

Japan, making anything ugly transform into cute, gotta hand that to the japansese indeed... even I can fall for that

The best from the package is that includes an exclusive theme for Windows 8 with wallpapers and system sounds (minimize, maximize, error...) voiced by 2 professional VA. No, really.

Really? I prefer 'dull' over that ugly convoluted mess. How much you want to be that wasn't made by Microsoft, and is instead the packaging of some Japanese retail company?

Yes I saw that and thought "What the"? It must be something good over there.

S_Herbie said,
Now with added "Sweet Memory"...