Windows 8 SkyDrive app updated with new live tile support

Microsoft seems to be in a Windows 8 app-update mood today. Earlier today, the company announced new features to its in-house Windows 8 Sports app and now there's also a new update for its SkyDrive app for both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

The official Windows blog reveals that the SkyDrive upgrade will add new live tile functionality, which will let users see a notification on the last file they upload to their SkyDrive account. The blog states:

Now the tile for the SkyDrive app will be useful for more than just launching the app, by providing at-a-glance info on what’s going on in your SkyDrive. Whenever you add new files to SkyDrive, the app tile shows you relevant details. If you add a document, you’ll see the document name, along with when it was added, and what folder it’s in. If you add photos, the tile gives you a nice view of those photos.

The app update is supposed to be on a rolling schedule, so you may not be able to download the new SkyDrive app immediately, but it should become available for all Windows 8 and Windows RT users within the next several hours.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I still don't have the update, changing location to USA or UK, forcing update...
Which version is updated?
I have 16.4.4388.928
I'm in Spain.

lunamonkey said,
How can I force the store to check for update? this isn't in my list.
Open the store, press WIN+C, then "App updates", and last "check for updates".

It's a nice update, but not useful for me. I only use SkyDrive on my desktop, so I know when I upload files. Maybe it will get useful when I get a WP device. BTW, no update for me either.

My initial reaction was Meh since I know when I upload files, but since my Lumia will upload camera roll when it finds a wifi connection WOOHOOO!!

Nice. The ability to pin folders would be awesome.

Moved all my documents to SkyDrive over the last few weeks. Went to a zero data policy on hard drives. Loving it! Such tight integration from Desktop, Windows Phone, Surface and anywhere else. Makes life good!

been doing the same myself recently... and to think back to all the hoo har all those years ago when skydrive first made an appearance. "i'll never use it", "never trust microsoft with our data on the cloud" and all the like. here i am today getting to the point where i rely on it for all my device integration.

Same here, I love it. With Windows 8 + SkyDrive, every computer is like my own since I only need to login to have everything load up. Still no update for me.

The only thing I don't have on SkyDrive yet is my music collection and picture collection, which is over 150GB of family photos, mostly my daughter. Not sure how to get them up there, and not sure if I'll be happy with them all up there once I do.

What I want to have is the ability to pin folders(both local and on Skydrive) or albums to my start screen and get notifications for these folders when they are updated. I'd also like to see updates on folders shared between users as well. That would make this a killer for me when my coworkers update files and when my family adds new pictures to our shared albums.

Nice little update, the skydrive team has been doing a good job when it comes to adding features to the service and apps.