Windows 8 swivel-screen notebook in the works from Asus?

Asus is one of the biggest notebook makers in the world and now there's a new rumor that claims that the company is working on a new notebook with a swivel-screen design that will be ready in time for the launch of Windows 8. Digitimes reports via unnamed sources that Asus is working with Intel on the design of the notebook which would indicate that this might be a new design version of Intel's Ultrabook concept.

Notebooks that have a screen that can be twisted on a swivel to create a kind of tablet PC device are nothing new; Asus has already released such a product with the Eee PC T91 netbook design back in 2009. These kinds of notebooks have never caught on with the general public for the most part. However, with the rise of the tablet market, it's more than possible that notebook makers such as Asus are going to try to make a go at this design once again.

The Digitimes article is low on details of this new notebook, saying only that Asus plans to debut the product at the Computex Taipei show which is scheduled for early June 2012. The expected launch date for the swivel screen notebook is September 2012 which should be around the time Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 8.

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Ive always had a intrest in these laptops but the problem is the price and they are kind of limited in features.

I'd rather see an updated transformer design that lets you slot the tablet into the dock both ways. I had an Acer TMC-303 back in 2005 with the original run of tablet pcs, and that's eventually what broke. It's a weak point, because usually it's a big hinge or there's two of them, and it's doing at least twice as much work both opening and swiveling. Way, way more flimsy.