Windows 8 tablets with Intel Clover Trail chip still in short supply

In September, Intel formally announced its new Atom Z2760 processor, better known by its code name "Clover Trail". The dual-core low power chip was designed specifically to run Windows 8 and Intel got a number of PC makers such as HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, ZTE and others to create tablets that would have the Clover Trail processor running things inside.

It's now been three weeks since Microsoft made Windows 8 generally available to the public, and PC makers have released lots of desktops, laptops and hybrids with Intel's older Core processors. However, it appears that many of the planned Windows 8 tablets with the new Clover Trail chip are not for sale yet, and those few that have been released are either in short supply or not in stock with major online retailers.

A quick check on shows that the Samsung ATIV Smart PC with the Atom Z2760 chip is now in stock at the well-known retailer, but the Acer Iconia W510, shown above, is currently out of stock. does have both tablets available to purchase. However, both products are in very short supply on that web site, with only a handful available of each tablet for sale.

At the moment, the Samsung and Acer tablets appear to be the only "Clover Trail" based Windows 8 devices that are currently available to purchase. The other announced tablets from Asus, Lenovo and others have not yet been released. That includes the Dell Latitude 10, which is not scheduled to go on sale until December, as is the HP Envy X2. The HP ElitePad 900 is not scheduled to be released until January 2013.

At the moment, it appears that if you want a new Windows 8 based machine with Clover Trail inside, you might want to wait a few more months until more devices are generally available.

Source: | Image via Acer

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A major fail in organisation. Windows 8 a fully tocuh enabled OS comes out and there are a handful of touch enabled devices being distributed! I just gasp in exasberation at the stupidty of the situation.

I walked into one of the biggest electrical stores in the country last week. It had W8 posters everywhere and all but two devices were touch capable. One of them was sold out and the other was rubbish.

I tried the better of the two, it didn't have Office installed, no network connectivity and the security tags on the chassis stopped it being closed flat so you could see how it worked as a tablet!

Its' embarrassing and someone should get fired over this fiasco.

Yesterday I purchased 1 Acer w510 with keyboard/dock for me and in couple of days I am planning to purchase 2 more Acer w510 without keboard/dock for my family, rarely we use keyboard so we can share just 1 keyboard/dock when needed. I have couple of old bluetooth keyboard and mouse as well.

Mainly I use PCs for web browsing, Video sites and rarely I use couple of apps and I am not into gaming, so dual core Intel Clover Trail Atom processor should be fine. First gen Intel Atom processor was horrible, second gen single core Intel Atom worked fine for me, so latest dual core Intel Clover Trail Atom should be better.

Last 2 years I am used to iPad, I feel the iPad weight after holding for extended amount of time so I don't want any tablet bigger or heavier than iPad.

Intel core i5 or i7 based tablets should perform better but I don't like tablets heavier than iPad or tablets with fan. Surface Pro and HP Envy X2 are better hardware but heavier and bigger than iPad.

Acer W510 and Lenovo Thinkpad 2 are lighter than iPad, keyboard keys in the docked Thinkpad 2 are very close to the screen, so I decided to choose Acer W510.

I have been waiting for Intel Clover Trail based tablets for more than a year, finally I am going replace 1iPad, 1 Samsung Galaxy, 1 Acer iconia Android tablet and 3 laptops with just 3 Acer W510 tablets.

I have one Media center PC which I am not going to replace, I already upgraded to Windows 8, I need this PC to occasinally to run any heavy desktop apps or share CD/DVD drives with tablets or remote desktop into this PC from tablets for heavy desktop functions.

I hear what you're saying and obviously good for consumers if you are correct I'm just saying that time frame doesn't gel with other user reviews nor the technical side of things that I just don't think a core i5 running a FHD screen can do all that for 8 hours straight it would virtually be rivalling every other processor out there and the samsung unit would magically be eclipsing the acer and sony offerings on the same hardware.

i was able use it from 6 am to around 4 pm and still had a hour and half left according to the battery status in Windows I was listening to music watch music videos and surfing online.

Im pretty sceptical of claims of Core i5 getting 8hours when other user impressions from the Samsung pro, Acer W700 and sony slider all point to about 6 hours max.

by 1080, has an I5 and includes the Wacom digitizer with same pen as the Samsung Note 10.1. I can go about seven to eight hours on a charge. And it also has the full windows 8. . they didn't have the keyboard in stock yet. The cost was $ 1149. Excellent build quality too. Highly recommended.

To be fair the title should just be Windows 8 tablets still in short supply. Besides the Sony Vaio slider, we are only now seeing samsung and acer pro models trickle into the supply chain as well.

Having been using the samsung smart pc for a while now I will post a review of the unit over the weekend, I will say clover trail - being an atom based cpu - delivers some solid and surprising results, especially for those who still associate atoms with the low cost low quality of the netbook era.

I bought the Asus Tab RT A few weeks ago and did not mind it but found being limited to using other App from the Windows Store being too limited. So I by change was in A Future Shop here in Calgary Alberta and they had A Samsung Vivo XE500T on demo, it looked ok but it was 11.6 inches and only had A resolution of 1366 X 768, the fonts were too blurry, My wife noticed a sales tag by the demo model for the Samsung Active smart Pro. The specs on it are full HD at 1920

From what I know Clover Trail still doesn't have certification because of its awful video drivers.

Could've changed, but I haven't heard it.

Short supply is an understatement, there IS NO SUPPLY. Most stores have empty shelves, empty displays or haven't bothered putting out Windows 8 displays / tablet kiosks yet because they have NOTHING to sell. I hope it picks up quick.. I want to try my hands on that Lenovo tablet

On Monday, the Dixons store at London Heathrow terminal 5 had received 2 of the Samsung Ativ SmartPC in the morning - plus one for display. I grabbed the last one at 10am !!
Loving it so far, only a few glitches which I think are driver related so hopefully will get fixed. Also keyboard dock needs improvement as the connection to the tablet acts up