Windows 8 used as part of future hotel room concept


What if you discovered that the next time you checked into a hotel room, you found that it had massive touch screens all over the place? While such a scenario is not likely to happen in the near future, it's a design concept that has been created, and it's one that uses the "Modern" user interface of Windows 8 as part of its creation.

The Next at Microsoft blog has posted up word on the concept, called the ITH Room Xperience, that was generated by the Serrano Brothers design team in Spain. As you can see in the video above, the room has a bed in the center that's surrounded by massive transparent touch screens.

The screens are made to display pictures, video and more and can even use Windows 8 as its UI. There's even a big Windows 8 Surface-like tablet that's placed on a table to the side of the bed that could be used to control aspects of the hotel room.

There are a lot of things going on in this concept (the closet that's made to open up in the wall like a big sea pod is cool) but we are not sure if we would feel comfortable in staying in such a hotel room surrounded by ever changing screens.

Source: Next at Microsoft

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Amazing design, great to see creative minds pushing borders beyond limits of plain ones. World moves forward with rare people like those brothers... their portfolio is simply stunning!! I've read an interview recently where they talk about ITH Room Xperience as a R&D excercise, testing nearby available technologies for hotels, understandable if you take time to go deeper in the project and see its commissioned by Instituto Tecnologico Hotelero from Madrid

LOL. I watched the video and read the comments and I burst out laughing. I definitely concur that most of it seems overkill (for a hotel room no less), isn't really my vision of futuristic decor/features either, and the modeling/music put a damper on anything.

I've seen much better iterations of futuristic hotel rooms, including one by Microsoft France, and I don't think it'd cost nearly as much a night as it would for this place.

This is a spectacular example of everything gone wrong. The horrendous 3D rendering doesn't help one bit to swallow this awkward "design", and the music.... jesus.
Those brothers took the term organic just a bit too far there I would think... heh

Whoo, that was four and a half minutes of pure torture! The wardrobe looked like a scene from some alien horror movie. And God, that music!

Brony said,
0:08 is it an iphone?

Lmao...yes. Notice how it still looks the exact same in the future? Haha. Maybe that was Microsoft's way of making fun of Apple

ahinson said,
God, my eyes. No one would want to be bombarded with so much useless information.

Thanks for considering me no one.
There are times where I have 5 screens around me displaying different content today. It would be nice to sync them all up.

And people get paid for "designing" sh*t like this? I'm all for Windows 8, but both the interior design per se and especially the rendering/visualization are just terrible. If you'd throw things randomly in a room with a baseline home modeler you'd get better results than this.