Windows 8 version of Metrotube YouTube player launches

As promised in mid-April, developer Lazyworm Applications has now launched a Windows 8/RT version of Metrotube in the Windows Store. The third party YouTube player was originally launched for Windows Phone devices and that version has received tons of acclaim since its release in 2010.

This first version of Metrotube for Windows 8 is described as a "public preview" version and is free to download. YouTube users can access the app to subscribe to their favorite channels and can customize Metrotube's main hub to view the content they want to check out. The app also supports the streaming of full HD videos, along with sharing videos with others. It supports the snap view option, which allows Metrotube users to watch videos while running another app on screen.

Lazyworm Applications says they will be adding more features to Metrotube on Windows 8 in the future, including playlist support, pre-loading of video content and secondary pinning. Even though there are already a ton of third party YouTube players available for download for Windows 8 PC owners, having Metrotube, which has already proven to be highly popular on another Microsoft platform, come to Windows 8 is certainly welcome news.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Lazyworm Applications

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Great app

Does cause a little flickering but beats loading up YouTube in a browser and dealing with choppiness from Flash. Plus you can reliably force the streaming quality and keep it consistent.

Agree. Youtube RT feels much faster on my Surface RT.

Metrotube does one thing better and that is that you can read comments at the same time watching the video.

I had used YouTube RT before and I just tested Metrotube. Metrotube interface was not quite polished or feature-rich as YouTube RT.

Look'n good hope the EVIL Google corp don't cause problems like they did just after the WP8 update first launched.

I don't really get the WP version tho. It's a paid app but with a "try" version in the market, been "trying" it for months now and still haven't seen any pop ups asking me to buy it. Not that I'm complaining or anything..

"*unlimited & unrestricted free trial for limited time!*"
That may explain it

Also like some apps they work like this

"Free trial. No restrictions, limits or ads. If you love it, support us by donating $0.99."

So its the full one and you can buy if you want to show your support to the developer...

Never know, one day you might want to pay the $1 for an app you use a few hours a week on your phone

Actually I'm willing to pay the amount for it because it's a well built app and I really like it but just wanted to find out how long it'll go on, guess now I got my answer I can support them Thanks.

I actually just said that I will buy the app, at first it was just curiosity to see how long the "trail" will last but seems it can go on forever.

I do like the app while there could be some improvements (Like when pressing the "WP key" it should keep on playing not quit all together, maybe it's just me but I'd find it useful ), hopefully W8 app is as good as the WP one


Used it for a little bit, really awesome! I haven't run into any ads yet like I would if I went to,... I hope it stays that way.

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