Windows 8.1 users can use the new Bing search results layout first

In September, Microsoft revealed a new logo for its Bing search engine along with plans to launch a revamped layout for its website search results. Today, Microsoft announced that people who have installed Windows 8.1 on their PCs will be the first to check out the new search results layout on Bing.

Microsoft said in a blog post that the new Bing pages will be "rolling out to everyone in the coming weeks." As we previously reported, some of the changes include combining Bing's snapshot information box with the sidebar section on the right side of the page. It also includes the new "pole position" feature, which shows information on top of a page about a search string that the Bing algorithms have "high confidence" about. For example, typing in "Greer SC Weather" puts current weather conditions for the city on top of everything else, along with a five-day forecast.

Microsoft's blog post concentrates mostly on the new Bing Smart Search features, which have been integrated into Windows 8.1. Internet Explorer 11 users will also find that the first site listed in a Bing search results page will be automatically downloaded and rendered in the background of the web browser.

Source: Microsoft

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Had it for awhile, should be "Windows 8.1 users get new Bing interface activated by default first." Plus pinning the bing tile gives me live news feeds!

In response to the title of the article: that's not true. Today I got my first desktop wallpaper with the new Bing logo via Bing desktop and I have, it seems, ALL the new features of the new Bing rolled out even when I exited the preview.

The wallpaper shows the new logo and font just as previously announced

I don't think it's just 8.1 users... I saw this new layout on Wednesday (launch day) before I upgraded to 8.1.

Love it so far... very slick and smooth Also noticed (from the Canadian side) the results are much better.

The layout still doesn't seem very clean and easy to view. Something about it just seems messy. It really isn't, but it rubs me the wrong way. It is better, but it needs to look very slick.

I think it's because it looks far too similar to Google. Microsoft should use a different colour scheme and more distinct layout to distinguish itself from the competition.

At the moment it relies too much on casual users installing apps that change the default search engine to Bing and not noticing enough of a difference to change back to Google. I mean, nowhere on the page itself does it actually mention Bing (only in the title of the webpage).