Windows 8.1 users: Install the spring update or you will no longer receive patches

Windows 8.1 users who haven't yet installed the major update released by Microsoft in April, will stop receiving updates starting tomorrow.

Microsoft had announced that the update which was earlier known as the "Spring" update would be a mandatory update for Windows 8.1 users and had a given a buffer period for users to update to it. After launching the major update in April, Microsoft set a deadline for users in a blog post, which asserted, "Failure to install this Update will prevent Windows Update from patching your system with any future updates starting with Updates released in May 2014 (get busy!)."

However, Microsoft extended this deadline to 10th of June, which gave users another 30 days to update their Windows 8.1 installation. Now, the day has come that Microsoft will stop supporting users who have failed to get their systems running on the latest Windows 8.1. Interestingly, Windows 8 users are not required to be on the latest and greatest version of Windows, although the mainstream support for the OS might end in the near future.

If you have automatic updates turned on, you have nothing to worry about. For those of you who install patches manually, make sure you have the spring update installed, otherwise, you machine could become vulnerable to known exploits.

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Way go MS now your just really $##%$# people off even more, Listen up people time to switch back to Windows 7 or get Ubuntu or Mint.

Got it MS, I wiped Win 8 and its brethren and reinstalled Win 7. I no longer wish to be part of your beta testing program anymore.

Yawn... 8.1 users will simply NO LONGER receive security fixes or patches, the only update that will be available for windows 8.1(minus Update1) will be Update 1 nothing else

Very reasonable, keeps everyone on up-to-date software, don't want 8.1 Update 1? don't expect Microsoft to taylor patches for you because you're an idiot ;)

I find the new "title bar" in Metro apps in 8.1 Update extraordinarily annoying when you're trying to use the mouse in an app, and there's no way to disable it.. I wish they would support 8.1 without Update similar to how 8.0 remains in support.

I'm kind of confused here. I have 2 Windows 8 Pro upgrade that I haven't used. So if I want to upgrade to 8.1 (Update 1) later, I can't no longer upgrade with what I currently have?

Aletheia said,
I'm kind of confused here. I have 2 Windows 8 Pro upgrade that I haven't used. So if I want to upgrade to 8.1 (Update 1) later, I can't no longer upgrade with what I currently have?

Upgrades will work the same as before. 'Update 1' has been merged into the 8.1 installer, I believe.

You can update to 8.1.1 but you won't be able to install any updates that come out after 6/10 without that update.

Essentially they are just requiring people be fully up to date if they want the latest patches, not really any different then most companies, just different for MS since they used to make their patches independent, more or less, or other patches.

Basically they're treating 8.1 Update like a new baseline for the servicing stack (to put it into Microsoft-speak). Consider it similar to a service pack in the old days, such as with Windows XP where XP with SP3 remained in support and continued to receive updates while XP Gold, SP1, and SP2 did not.