Windows 8/RT IE 10 gaining more Flash compatible websites

Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 10 first for Windows 8 and Windows RT. In doing so, it was also trying to get away from the third party plug-in model for web browsers. However, the Modern version of IE10 in Windows 8, as well as both the Modern and desktop version of IE 10 in Windows RT, can still run Flash-based websites without a plug-in.

That's the good news. The bad news is that domains that hosts Flash websites must also be compatible with the Flash support in Windows 8 and RT versions of IE10 in order for them to display correctly on the browser (the desktop version of IE10 in Windows 8 has no such issues). reports that over 4,300 domains are now listed on Microsoft's Compatibility View List for IE10 Flash viewing. That list is growing by about 1,000 domains a month. You can check out the current list online at Microsoft's website

Websites owners and/or designers who have Flash-based domains that they want to add to the list can submit their sites to Microsoft. A regular web surfer who encounters a Flash site that doesn't run on IE10 in Windows 8 or RT might have to email the website owner directly and ask him or her to submit their site for inclusion in Microsoft's Compatibility View List.

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I am sick of repeatedly seeing that annoying "The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed." error message.

Most tablets don't support Flash anymore. Apple's iOS devices never supported it from the outset,
while Adobe have discontinued developing Flash Player for Android devices, bar security updates.

Websites that are still reliant on Adobe Crash Player seriously need to find a viable alternative as
a matter of urgency. This bloated, buggy, crashy, unstable, piece of junk needs to be killed off.

Most of us would love to see that happen but equally we live in reality where there is still a large portion of the web still reliant on Flash. End of the day you either deliver a device that allows an uncompromised web experience of end up with customers ****ed that their favourite Facebook game in unplayable on their tablet.

It would be nice if users could manually override it official, like adding the site to the compatibility list using some sort of button that would be available in the tools menu of Modern IE10 or the compatibility button of the desktop IE10. I could see myself using it and recommending it for people to use if they allowed this, but when you can't pay your bills because it isn't on the list or look at foreign travel sites, it just becomes cumbersome.

DaveGreen said,
Is it possibible to manually add sites?
I remember reading that there is an XML file somewhere on disk. You can add entries to it to enable Flash on other sites.

Edit: this one C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData\iecompatdata.xml