Windows Automated Installation Kit

The Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK) is designed to help corporate IT professionals customize and deploy the Microsoft Windows Vista™ family of operation systems. By using Windows AIK, you can perform unattended Windows installations, capture Windows images with ImageX, and create Windows PE images.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP SP2 with KB926044
  • Windows Server 2003 SP1 with KB926044
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2
  • Windows Vista family
Download: Windows Automated Installation Kit
Link: Forum Discussion (Thanks CoolCatBad)
News source: Microsoft

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Can someone explain what you do with the huge download if you download it? Do you burn this to a dvd then use your windows discs for an installation or am i missing the point here?

I can create my own vista PE?
i knew about this kit, but I didn't know it features such cool abilities.


The hotfix it mentions (KB926044) to use this with XP SP2 can't download - you have to call Microsoft. Oh, and it's 992.2MB! Kind of a pain in the neck it would seem especially if you're using an OEM version of XP (MS won't support you).

actually if you have ever rung microsoft before for a hotfix/patch. You will actually find they are very helpful and dont ask for any windows product codes or any info like that. Just what version of windows you are running and why you want the hotfix.