Windows Blue (build 9364) installation screenshots

Windows 8 Blue, build 9364, hit the web this morning and we have compiled the screenshots from the installation of the OS for your viewing pleasure. 

The installation, as you would expect, is very similar to that of Windows 8 but note that this build is a partner version of Windows Blue and the retail update may have have a few more changes and features not exhibited in the partner build.

The installation is quite similar to that of Windows 8 but only has a few different transitions that are comprised of colors that fade in and out. While the build is still early, this is the best look at the platform yet that is currently rumored to be released sometime this summer.

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ShareShiz said,
Random question. Anyone know what the install time is, compared to Windows 7 and 8 ?
15 minutes, I'm not using a VM...

microsoft needs more time to polish the system to make it better, more complete and almost perfect. id like to see a only 1 or 2 versions of windows, with only 64 (x64) bits with 32 bits (x86) capabilities of course. maybe with the starter office 2013 included like the RT version. and of course, with all languages included to install or use on the disc.

maybe someday will see that. os x and linux they have already that options.

Why don't they make the Windows Setup dialog be a part of the entire interface? The fake old style Aero Basic Windows Setup window is so 2006.

"Try this after your PC is ready"

Hah! That's a good improvement. I think that joke of a tutorial has confused just about everyone that's seen it.

TomJones said,

Is that 2 out of 2? Or 2 out of 3?

I believe I read its out of 2. So that they can get it feature complete and ready for launch later this year.

statm1 said,

I believe I read its out of 2. So that they can get it feature complete and ready for launch later this year.


If they can actually make it for 2013, then they'll truly have shaken off the NT-induced lethargy of the 2000s, and returned to their roots.

Microsoft used to be a very fast-moving company. In the 1990s, they were releasing a new dot-release of Windows practically every year -- 3.0, Multimedia Extensions, 3.1, Win32s, 3.11, 95, OSR1, OSR2, OSR 2.5, 98, 98 Second Edition.

Since Microsoft seem to be the kind of company that's reluctant to introduce new features in minor releases (i.e. Windows 8.1 released after a few months), I think this better pace is good to see. I do wish they'd rather move to Windows 8.1 and such instead, as in the Windows 3.0 -> 3.1 -> 3.11. It makes better logical sense to tie operating systems with the same "basics" together with the version number, but I guess this is how it is for marketing reasons.

Not that Windows 3.11 sold poorly...

Eh, so few people actually go through that install process - it's only us "nerds" who really do fresh installs. It's probably not worth the effort. I'd rather they spend the time working on other parts of the OS.

That always bothered me that they still have the old Vista/7 Aero windows. Makes it feel cheap and rushed, it's just sooo lazy.

I also want new desktop icons. Atleast 95% of the desktop icons are from Vista/2007. They look dated and out of place against the clean modern Metro design.

Remember how long it took to get updated icons that didn't look like it came from Win95... We won't get new icons until Win9 or 10..