Windows CE and the Future of Embedded Devices

Want to build your own Windows XP Embedded Kernel? Want to know the ridiculous amount of embedded devices that are expected to sell in 2010? Satisfy your curiosity! Here’s a short video of Channel 8’s Christian Liensberger interviewing Olivier Bloch (from Microsoft France’s Embedded Devices group) at the TechEd's "Ask The Experts". Olivier talks a bit about what they’ve been working on for the last ten years and shows a few very small devices that are capable of, and are, running Windows CE. He also talks about how students and hobbyists will be able to get involved without having to worry about major costs (free SDK but the image will be time-bombed). If you’d like all the juicy details on the future of Embedded Devices and Windows CE tools, you’ll have to wait until next week for the Microsoft announcement! For now, you'll have to be satisfied with this 10 minute video, which just so happens to be packed with juicy details.

Video: iPod | MP3 Audio | PSP | WMAudio | WMVideo | WMVideo (High Quality) | Zune
View: Windows CE | Channel 8

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unfortunatly for microsoft, embedded devices is something linux is really good at and it's cheaper to.

I'm afraid there limited to pocket pc and smartphones for the forceable future.

Linux success only in a gui-less interface such route (web interface or telnet) with small footprints and such but lack on gui embedded devices such Zaurus, Oppie, Familiar and such.

Dreamcast ran CE Embedded... there are a ton of GPS systems that run CE .NET Embedded... there is a lot more then you might think running CE... I have even seen refridgerators running CE in some form..

IMO, Windows CE is great for more user-friendly, GUI things eg. SatNav, fridge interfaces and even set top boxes. I would also says it's good for DIY Software developers as Microsoft technogies are well know and have good SDK's out.

Linux is better for back end stuff like firewalls (WRT54G is a classic) and if you have some fancy CCTV system etc...

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