Windows DreamScene delayed but coming soon...

Windows Vista Ultimate users began to receive the first set of "Ultimate Extras". But arguably the most anticipated Ultimate Extra was not there -- Windows DreamScene.

Windows client director, Jeff Putt has confirmed that this extra will not be available in its final form immediately after launch. However, a technology preview may be coming soon for Windows Vista Ultimate users who want to give it a try.

Windows DreamScene enables users to use looping high-definition video content (MPEG, WMV) as an animated wallpaper. Thanks to the new 3D accelerated desktop in Windows Vista, the animated wallpaper uses virtually no CPU (just a little for decoding the video).

Microsoft demonstrated Windows DreamScene yesterday at the launch event which showed Windows DreamScene using an animated wallpaper created by Stardock. The wallpaper they showed will be available exclusively at's partner site,, in February.

More information on public availability for Windows Vista Ultimate users is expected soon.

View: Windows DreamScene at the Windows Vista launch

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For the people who just don't seem to get it, I'll ask you one simple question. What does having a picture on your desktop do for you?

Aha! A pointless feature? I think my work here is done. Keep in mind that the goal of this project is low processor usage, and anything otherwise would compromise the feasibility of anyone using it.

its an extra like a game its just a pointless feature that looks kool i see alot of bitches whinging in here over something that really is just a feature thats cool and i may use it.

It's all cool and fun for a while, but in the end, just get realy disturbing while trying to do some real work with your PC. All in all, it's a pointless feature and it's not something to put more money on to get the "Ultimate" Vista.

Nice work Brad, but other things would be cooler to do with Vista. Where is the "OSX Exposé" clone for Vista?

How is it disturbing your "real work" when your real work application will be sitting on top covering it? I agree though that it's a fairly pointless feature, but it's a really cool pointless feature and I for one would rather have it available to me than not have it.

According to Microsoft's own Windows Vista website, Dreamscene should be available right now.

Exclusive to Windows Vista are Windows Ultimate Extras. These cutting-edge programs, innovative services, and unique publications provide a richer computing experience for Windows Vista Ultimate users. Windows Ultimate Extras currently available include:
  • Windows DreamScene, an Extra that enables you to use looped, full-motion video as your desktop wallpaper instead of a static image
  • Windows Hold’em, a poker game for players of all skill levels
  • Windows BitLocker Secure Online Key storage, where Ultimate users can store their BitLocker recovery password and Encrypting File System certificate on Windows Marketplace’s Digital Locker website for access to the key anytime, anyplace, and from any computer that has an Internet connection


Looks like the delay was unexpected, or their webmasters are incompetent

It's more of an unexpected delay by the other departments (IE the web designers). The original idea was to have it available at launch. However after some feedback from the beta community, and internal rethinking, some changes need to be implemented before release.

It will be decoded by the graphics card if you have correct drivers - however, there will still be a lot of data transferred around. If you are looking at CPU usage only you're only getting one piece of the puzzle. And what if you do something that will require 100% CPU, like loading an application or ripping a music CD? Should the wallpaper stutter or should your operation be slowed down?

An animated wallpaper is like a pillow that plays movies. Neat, but completely impossible to utilize while your doing what you're there to do.

"Most anticipated"? Better make that "most pointless" :suspicious:
Having an animated wallpaper is absolutely good for nothing and will only grate on your nerves really quick.

In your opinion my friend. Sure the annoyance factor depends on the video used, but a subtle movie like the one show at the demo with the blades of grass gently moving in the wind looks quite classy.

Lastly, if you don't like it, don't use it. Don't bitch about it.

and btw.. if you use MPEG have a 2+GHz CPU that is dual core or more and have a good graphics card that fully supports VDDM and has RTM drivers that are optimized for VDDM (right now ATI and nVIDIA are not fully optimized, give them a month or two) it will only eat up a max 4% averaging around 2%

Oh comon people this is the first set of extras... give them some time sheesh... there will be bigger and better in the future... this is just the release set...

so let me get this straight. they can use things created to sell their product? but as soon as we start making themes for no profit, they flip out? that seems a little strange....

and also, wouldn't an animated wallpaper be kind of annoying after a while? especially if its the same video looped over and over.

they can use things created to sell their product?

What are you talking about? Only the one video wallpaper shown at the launch is made by WinCustomise. The actual technology that runs the video as a wallpaper is a Microsoft product. You will be able to use any video file to apply as your wallpaper once the product is released.

Also, if you find the feature annoying, don't use it. No-one is forcing you to have a video as your background. Just stick with regular static wallpaper and let the rest of us who like the look of subtle animated wallpapers (like the blades of grass blowing in the wind on the demo) enjoy Dreamscene.

sick of hearing this endlessly.... Get VLC media player , set the video option to run in loop, right click while playing and set it as Wallplayer.

there... now go do your homework .

Island Dog said,
You cannot compare this to VLC. The resources usage is much better and doesn't interfer with icons or anything else.

There is no reason why the resource usage should be any better, since it will be decoded in hardware if available, just as if you play it in VMW. The issue with icons is a bug with Microsoft ClearType. If you disable ClearType it should be fine. Perhaps some new overlay surfaces can do it nicely, but I think the desktop might be a special case.

Okay, how about this:

The ultimate extras so far are:

  1. Bitlocker
  2. A single player Texas Holdem Game
  3. A feature that lets you have multiple languages on the same computer
  4. Windows DreamScene

Of the list above, which one do you think is the most anticipated?

Frogboy said,
Okay, how about this:

The ultimate extras so far are:

  1. Bitlocker
  2. A single player Texas Holdem Game
  3. A feature that lets you have multiple languages on the same computer
  4. Windows DreamScene
Of the list above, which one do you think is the most anticipated?

I'll take number 3 and 4. 1 and 2 I don't care much about.

when using this software i do not have an issue with it taking any resources it actually uses so little i do not notice it running the only issue i have with it is that there is a black flash when the video loops. even though the video i use is a perfect loop video (designed that way)