Windows Firewall Notifier 1.9

Windows Firewall Notifier extends the default Windows embedded firewall behavior, allowing to handle outgoing connections, and displaying (almost) real-time information about the current connections. WFN requires Windows Vista or later (Windows 7, Windows 8).

Behavior - This application only uses existing Windows features, enabling some of them when first launched:

  • Enables the Windows embedded firewall
  • Sets the firewall to block both inbound and outbound connections for which no rule exists
  • Enables the default Windows firewall inbound connection notification
  • Enables the Windows firewall outbound connections logging (disabled by default)
  • Creates a scheduled task linked to the Windows firewall event log entries, allowing Windows Firewall Notifier to be launched when needed only

What's new in this version:

  • new layout and animations for the Notifier popup.
  • modifications to allow using Windows's high contrast mode (and alike) for people suffering from eye disorders

Download: Windows Firewall Notifier 1.9 | 159 KB (Open Source)
View: Windows Firewall Notifier Homepage | Project Page @ CodePlex

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