Windows Installer 4.5 Beta Accepting Nominations

The Windows Installer team has unleashed the beta program for Windows Installer 4.5 on Microsoft Connect. Anyone interested can sign up, provided they have a Windows Live ID tied to Microsoft Connect - there is no survey to fill out. "Windows Installer 4.5 will provide targeted features for multi-package products and advanced servicing. Windows Installer 4.5 will be delivered down level to Windows XP SP2 and above. This down level update will include the operating system independent features and fixes from the Windows Vista only release, Windows Installer 4.0." There is supposed to be a draft paper entitled "Agility Trends in Package Software" which discusses the problems the team is targeting with the Windows Installer 4.5 release but at the time of posting the link seems to be dead.

Link: Program Details & Application Link
View: Agility Trends in Package Software
News source: Windows Installer Blog

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if you make something for only 1 version of windows then that would force users to upgrade,if you make it for vista and xp where most of the users are then eventualy you can move to the newer one because there wont be any problems with the transition.

GP007 is on the right track.

If you're a developer targetting both XP and Vista, you simply can't package your software using the "Vista-only" installer, so you're going to use the older one.

OTOH by back-porting the newer installer to XP, developers can slowly migrate to it and rest assured that not only will they not alienate their existing user base, but also if/when their users eventually migrate to Vista, the transition will go smoothly.