Windows Live FolderShare Beta Refresh for PC-to-PC Sync

Today, the FolderShare Team is shipping a Beta Refresh of both the Windows Live FolderShare website and client that offers some great improvements to the Windows Live FolderShare service at Those improvements include:

  • Improved usability with the Windows Live FolderShare website - UI aligns with other Windows Live services.
  • Updated Windows Live FolderShare Client.
  • Back-end improvements.
  • Full Windows Vista support with updated Windows Live FolderShare Client.

Today's Beta Refresh supports Windows Live FolderShare's already supported countries and regions: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

If you are already a Windows Live FolderShare Beta user - it is recommended you upgrade to today's new beta client. Your account information, folders, device, and settings should migrate over just fine. Users who don't upgrade to the new Windows Live FolderShare client Beta should expect to be asked to upgrade in the near future.

Download: FolderShare Beta Refresh v14.0.1325.0310 (Windows, 1.0 MB Macintosh, 1.2 MB)
View: FolderShare Website

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Been using this for a while, mainly to sync files between work and home. The refresh of the Website UI is a great improvement, much more intuitive - The fact that it has had a facelift to bring it inline with the rest of Windows Live! is nice as well.

Other than the aesthetic changes to the client, I haven't noticed too many changes, but then I've only just installed the update.

Definitely worth a look for anyone who regularly uses multiple internet connected computers.