Windows Live Local Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook

Windows Live Local for Outlook adds maps, routes, traffic updates, driving directions, and travel time to your Microsoft Office Outlook meeting requests. See maps in road, aerial, bird's eye view,* and amazing 3D view.

Note: This product is compatible only with U.S. English versions of Outlook (Office Language Interface Packs and Multilingual User Interface Packs are not supported).

Download: Windows Live Local Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook

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I had this added in about a month back and havent had any problems at all....

I can see where this could be very useful but i dont go out of the building with my work and i cant see me needing this for private occasions either

I loaded this yesterday with my OL2k3... Could not schedule anything on my calendar because of it, didn't burn a great deal of time on it. But something in it prevented me from scheduling anything new in my calendar, anything I had scheduled previous I could work with no problem though... Very odd, lasted about 20 minutes on my rig... Proceed with caution would be my advice...

This has been out for awhile. And, there is a compatible version for 2007, as I was able to install it last week.

The associated webpage lists this version of Windows Live Local add-in working for Outlook 2003 max.
The previous version did NOT work fine with Outlook 2007.
What about THIS version of add-in?