Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta Download

Here's your chance to once again be part of the select group that makes Windows Live Messenger better. We've added new features and we need your help to make sure they're perfect. The new features include:

  • Redesigned, smarter contact cards give you more data about and easier access to your friends
  • Your display name, status and personal expressions roam with you to any computer
  • Two free calls to virtually any phone in the world
Also, we've made some behind-the-scenes changes to make your Windows Live Messenger experience better than ever. You may not see the upgrades to our underlying platforms, but you'll notice the improvements to our server performance, automatic updates, and sign-in process. All the stuff you had before will still be there, but now, it'll be even better.

Download: WLM 8.1 beta (v8.1.006.00)

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Just forget it. It's not worth trying to make sense of small details. Either way, put this in the Software section and merge the other beta features with the new. Problem solved.


Had it since Tuesday night :p, First i got my Email From Connect + The Messenger Team to Download it. Then i Saw it posted on so the Butterfly's over there are Spreading the news, Then i saw it posted on

All in the Same Night Funny how things get from site to site. But im Loving my Windows Live Butterfly membership :D.

neobond: the Font thing has been reported and has been merged with all the other replys on this bug so it shall be fixed in the next build.

I installed it... I think that the contact cards are too crowded with information and the pic is too small. Thats just my opinion.

Someone should report the bug that I cant change my font to 8pt Verdana in Live Messenger on any build of Vista (running 5744 now)

10 is the lowest size it remembers

Oohhhh second post *shoots load*

Whys the installer shot up to over 16meg :s

I'm sure that's about double the last one.I installed it earlier today when I got the e-mail havent rearlly loooked at the differences yet though.

Quote - Tomi said @ #2.1
I think it'll probably be trimmed back down for final.

Depends though; they could be relying less on the 'shared resources' which Windows provides, in favour of having a larger download that works with more versions of Windows.

With that being said, 16mb is small in the grand scheme of things, I mean, it could be worse, atleast it isn't an adware, spyware, piece-of-****ware like AIM Client.