Windows Live Messenger and Youtube

As originally reported on the Neowin forums, Windows Live Messenger blocks sending YouTube links to other Windows IM users.

Speculation has grown throughout the web as to why this is. Monopolistic practices on Microsoft's part, or something else?

Today I discussed the issue with Rafael Rivera (maker of the Vista uxtheme patches on who pointed out that a lot of sites are blocked, not just YouTube. For instance, deviantART, which doesn't compete with Microsoft in any way, is also blocked.

Our conclusion is that it's probably an unintentional, but stupid, mistake by Microsoft. But what do you think?

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"...Monopolistic practices on Microsoft's part...deviantART, which doesn't compete with Microsoft in any way, is also blocked...Our conclusion is that it's probably an unintentional, but stupid mistake..."

So apparently, "monopoly" means blocking websites that don't compete with Microsoft in ANY way. No wonder some people still mistake Microsoft for a monopoly.

LOL Who seriously uses the official MSN Messenger client? Come on now. You deserve to get your links blocked :P

If you bothered to read the comment, you'd know that this is a server-end block which affects any client that's connecting to the Live Messenger network including Pidgin, GAIM, Digsby and Trillian.

As others - I am sending at least one Youtube link a day to a friend who is also on Live Messenger... AND I have sent Devianart links too. Something is on crack but it might not be the software?

This is why I hate microsoft so much. They charge an arm and a leg for all its stuff Vista is just an example. Then it goes and does something stupid like this, tbh if they carry on with this they will find themselves with less customers in general and definalty a lot less MSN users if they are gonna play these stupid games.

You pay nothing, but they make sometyhing off of the ads in the program. If people stop using it, they lose money. Therefore, if they lose customers who think they're getting a free service, then Microsoft loses money.

All this is FAKE! Original "youtube link" links to stupid advertisements! So...
"View" counter for that "link" was... 1500000 and counting!
People! You are fools! :D

Thye're a private company - they can censor anything they want and they don't owe you any explanation.


Yes, I just saved someone the time typing that out ;p

It does happen sometimes, that links bounce back, and a "Message Not Delivered" message comes up. But its nothing permanent, after sometime it starts to work again. No problems here till now. MSN service is getting bad day by day. Sometimes my messages won't get across completely, and no undelivered status messages either.

YouTube, Deviantart and others sites are working inside wlm when sending links in messages...

Maybe there is some kind of system error or maybe a phishing outbreak that uses those sites...

However, it is funny that many people think that the world is ending because of this. I think we should wait and see how this evolves (i do believe some users are suffering this, but i have yet to hear it from someone i know).

I have never had youtube links problem from what I remember, but if this is something recent then thats odd.

I think MS is losing it. If they are going to start blocking stuff, they should know there are better alternatives out there - it's not just them.

Probably a kneejerk reaction to sending unverified urls to people. You know, an attempt to block malware tricking friends.

Don't agree with it as such, but it seems logical.

This has been driving me nuts, over and above my Broadband problems. Mediafire is also blocked from MSN.