Windows Live OneCare 1.6

After discussion last week that Windows Live OneCare 1.6 had been released, it is now available to all users from Users already running OneCare will be upgraded over the next few weeks, however you may prefer not to wait. Changes in 1.6 include the ability to disable the firewall permanently (Firewall - Firewall Advanced Settings - Managing and Sharing) or for a certain period of time (slide the firewall slider to the bottom) as well as a monthly report of firewall activity available from the OneCare dashboard.

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Wow, no posts saying "THIS CRAP IS AS BAD AS NORTON AND MCAFEE" yet, what a surprise.

Anyways, I hope this is somewhat of an improvement over the last version.

The older version did pass VB100's June test (much to my surprise). I cannot link directly to the page because you have to be subscribed to the site but it shows this in the "Pass" catagory:

-Microsoft OneCare
Result history: Microsoft OneCare
Product name: Microsoft Windows Live OneCare 1.5.1890.35

I do not use it though, I use the slow crappy NIS '07 everyone talks about