Windows Live OneCare changes Automatic Updates

Amid reports that Windows Live OneCare changes settings in Windows Update to allow for automatic installation of important updates, the official word from Microsoft is that this is by design. When first installing OneCare, the setup informs the user that proceeding will change computer settings to automatically download and install important updates from Microsoft Update. Settings for recommended and optional updates are not changed. Even during Tune-up, OneCare checks, and then prompts the user if there are missing software updates or if Automatic Updates settings have been changed.

"OneCare is built for people who don't want to worry about protecting and maintaining their PC. This behavior is by design and is not unique to the latest version of OneCare. It helps ensure that your computer continues to receive important updates as soon as possible after they are released. We are evaluating user feedback and will be revisiting how we communicate the installation details of Windows Live OneCare as we are continually working to improve that experience. In addition, OneCare was built with privacy in mind, and Microsoft takes that very seriously – every new feature or setting change is reviewed and approved by Microsoft's privacy experts."

News source: WLOneCare Blog

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2.0 isn't out, yet. The latest update to 2.0 Beta did remove the "Pre-release" tag. I'm assuming it's release imminent.

OneCare tells you all about this... why is it news?

And before the people who come in with the "lolz, 1Care scks!!11" come in -- I've used Norton, Systamentec, McAfee, AVG, Avira, and tons of others... OneCare works beautifully, is unintrusive, and hasn't let any viruses in yet.


OneCare's ease of use and dependability are the reason's why I recommend it to everyone I talk to. The one's who will complain are either the "noobs" or the "power users", who probably shouldn't even be using a pc.

i really dont see the big deal and why this is news worthy

i know there has been the issue with auto updates in the past with the live desktop search and windows update itself updating but if it states it when you install it and bugs you about it then good

i for one like onecare i am not the one to say well i dont care if my pc is updated but i maintain systems for work where it should be taken a little bit more seriously since i have customer personal information and i really dont want to do it at home, i have better things to do (read neowin ;))


quick note to clarify something that was on the onecare blog, yes it will reset your settings, ive found this to be annoying in vista, mainly its the firewall though, i found if you set it to always ask and to not change to firewall settings if you connect to a new network its pretty smooth and such from there =)