Windows Live Suite Wave applications available Thursday

Steve Ballmer has just announced that the final versions of the Wave 3 applications (excluding Movie Maker) will be available on Thursday.

Microsoft released a release candidate of the applications shortly before Christmas. The update on Thursday will be the final versions of the product available for download. More soon.

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They should've waited till the suggested February date that was going around. There is a fair few bugs found in the RC version which they clearly haven't addressed.

Something I hoped they have fixed with windows live mail is 'multiple processes'.

I have to close the process before using windows live mail if it hasn't been closed before.

Wondering if anyone else encounters this problem?

I run Vista 32 bit HP FYI.

so frustrating, this new version of messenger wont take me to the inbox of whatever live id I am using. I've tried everything including unchecking the box which makes it ask for my password again. Anyone else have this?

I dont use Live Mail but Hotmail directly from the web interface. 8.5 used to take me directly to the inbox of the Live ID I was signed in with when I clicked the Mail button without additional sign ins.

Have you tried the latest build of Windows Live Movie Maker beta? I consider it far superior to the XP or Vista versions.

It's the same thing, there are no changes. I downloaded the new installer and it didn't need to update any of the RC installations.

I'm using wlm9 rc and i did not found many bugs in it so when i say it was closed to be final, i'm telling the truth... Final version was normally schedule to be in february.

I really want to be able to IM AIM users via WLM, I thought they were working on getting that in there?

Dane said,
I really want to be able to IM AIM users via WLM, I thought they were working on getting that in there?

That requires a deal to be made between AOL and Microsoft. Unlikely to happen any time soon.

When the Yahoo and MS deal was announced for interoperability, it took awhile to make it to the public.

Always looking forward to new versions of Windows Live Writer. Maybe they will fix the performance-crippling cache issue!