Windows Live Wave 3 - Updated Messenger expected next week

At an event in the Netherlands yesterday, Darren Huston, Corporate Vice President of COI at Microsoft, revealed that the updated Windows Live Wave 3 RC applications will be released next week.

LiveSide bloggers were on hand to get the scoop that the applications will be released next week at Final versions of Hotmail, Calendar and People are expected in February 2009 too.

The Messenger Wave 3 RC will include the new UI we revealed at PDC and Messenger icon, shown below.

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Am I the only one who thinks the UI on that demo looks very messy (not just messenger, but the all the windows, as a whole). Microsoft need to hire some new UI designers.

DARKFiB3R said,
Oh well, I just made the jump to Digsby last night, after years of being a MSN/WLM beta whore.

I don't see why? The new Windows Live Messenger is amazing! :P

I'll be going to Digsby, if not because of the custom emoticons (yes, my friends and I use custom emoticons heavily during conversations)

I really hope Microsoft finally fixes the group convo feature of Messenger, where when someone invites you, it just adds you in without even asking you first, and everyone can see your MSN address. It's very annoying.

The one where the window doesn't go back to the size it was when you exit the webcam session? That annoys me so much! lol.