Windows Live Wave 4 header themes revealed

The guys over at have once again stumbled upon new screenshots of Windows Live Wave 4.  The screenshots reveal a new look on the header themes for some of the Windows Live services, including Hotmail,, and other sites.

Microsoft accidentally gave some users a sneak peak when they released just the thumbnail pictures of the new themes under the Options menu on some current Wave 3 services.  Today, LiveSide revealed some of the new themes for Windows Live services.

There are a total of 16 new themes, including the Windows Live default blue header.  Most of these themes are snippets from Windows 7 wallpapers including Characters, Scenes, Architecture, and Nature packages.  The new Windows Live Wave 4 will also remove the “Options” menu from current services and simply add a “hover-over” pop-up window to change themes.





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Thanks to JTaylor69 for the news tip!

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