Windows Live Web Messenger goes into dogfood

Beta is the new passé, and dogfood* is where its at. Calendar and now Web Messenger are now both in dogfoods that are running on external urls (you have to be signed up to the internal dogfoods in order to load the products - ie you need to be a Microsoft employee).

*Dogfood is a term used for internal employee Alpha testing before it goes into beta testing.

Here's the tiny Web Messenger shot from the homepage (with the new Windows Live Wave 2 UI)

News source: Windows Live Web Messenger Blog
Link: Neowin Back Page News | Thanks JonathanYaniv

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Dogfood? I have absolutely no idea what this 'article' is trying to tell me. Another case of an author trying to be overly smart and excluding a large readership as a result.

It's a bit sad MS has started using this term for "pre-beta" instead of just, well, alpha... I mean, if that's the only thing they mean.

Because dogfood often instead means "the use of software in one's own production systems" and nothing more, where the product may or may not be an alpha or beta, and pretty unrelated to a specific stage of development. So a beta may be a dogfood build, but also may not be, same goes for an alpha.

Will this be yet a term in the line such as "release candidate" that now has been butchered to often no longer be about candidates for release, but rather builds they know are unfinished even at release? I wonder why they keep doing this...

I assume it's Pre-Alpha. Remember that Alpha versions of software are sometimes sent to developers for internal testing, in that case they wouldn't receive a "dogfood" version that is intended to work on the internal network!

This time? A Microsoft blogger who wanted to introduce a new word to the international blogosphere. :p

Seriously, see the wiki article below for an example of a more common use than just a synonym for "alpha" or whatever that guy thought it was.

To say that a company "eats its own dog food" means that it uses the products that it makes. For example, Microsoft emphasizes the use of its own software products inside the company. "Dogfooding" is a means of conveying the company's confidence in its own products.

why woudl you call it dogfood, seems like a bad thing to me. this thing is dog food. i.e. no way i woudl eat it but i'd let my dog

Anybody whocares would know that "dogfood" is that which a company trickles down to their inner ranks to support alpha testing prior to world comsumption...

basix said,
Anybody whocares would know that "dogfood" is that which a company trickles down to their inner ranks to support alpha testing prior to world comsumption...
So 'internal testing' then. Sheesh. See how much easier that is and how many more people understand it.

Whats with the attrociously substandard, unprofessional looking and amateurish fake software boxes appearing on Neowin? Whoevers making them - give it up - they look awful.

Neobond said,
Not sure what you are all on about :P

Neobond, master of subtlety... Sneaking through the grass like a ninja, he switches news icons faster than light

I believe I remember the term orginating from the fact that Lorne Greene selling Alpo said it was "so good I'd feed it to my own dogs." MS used the term to refer to getting their employees to use their own products.

That facebook group isn't anything to do with Microsoft and nor is the "official" blog. Just a load of BS from Jonathan Yaniv

web messenger sounds great.... but why on earth is someone again pretending as MS??????? it's internal dogfood - no public beta... the team is not taking external feedback at this time. Just wait for them to put something up officially (like on

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