Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 for Windows Vista

Microsoft is done testing “Fiji,” its update to Windows Media Center and is preparing to release the product — officially known as “Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008.” Microsoft notified testers that it had RTM’d (released to manufacturing) Fiji on July 17, according to testers who requested anonymity.

From the alleged release note: Fiji, officially known as Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008, has Released! The input from Self Host testers has been invaluable to this product and the team would like to thank each of you for your bug reports and feedback. As the release team is taking a much needed break, our next focus will be to post the final build onto the Products servers. Please check the newsgroups for updates. Once the build is live, we will notify you.

Microsoft confirmed the RTM of Fiji in a new Knowledge Base article (KB955485). It says:

The Windows Media Center TV Pack was released on July 16, 2008. Not all computers that are shipped by hardware vendors in the retail channel have the Windows Media Center TV Pack installed. To check whether your computer has the Windows Media Center TV Pack installed, follow these steps:1. Start Windows Media Center.
2. In the Start window, scroll to Tasks, click Settings, and then click General.
3. Click About Windows Media Center, and then click Software Version.
If the version is 6.1.1000.18273, you are running the Windows Media Center TV Pack.

If the version number is 6.0.6001.18000, you are not running the Windows Media Center TV Pack. You are running the version of Windows Media Center that is included in Windows Vista or in Windows Vista SP1.

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If you look around at other places that are talking about this...

There is word that what was just released was not the full fiji.. Just half of what will be coming later on this year in a bigger release..

(Ender2070 said @ #5)
pwned by LinuxMCE

Used it, used vista ultimate with WMC. Ill take WMC anyday of the week. I had Media Center up and going in 5 minutes.
Works like a charm.

LinuxMCE... welll not so much.

hmm... that article also states:

Some testers also were upset about Microsoft's expected distribution plan for Fiji. According to one Fiji tester:

"The (Fiji) release going to be OEM only on new machines. They have not been testing any upgrade scenarios whatsoever - even when they were at RC (Release Candidate) 0. Did they not watch the whole Ultimate Extras debaucle? They put Media Center on millions of PCs thru Home Premium, and then give them all the shaft?"

So as of right now it looks like a cynical attempt by MS to screw over their existing customers by deliberately withholding VMC features which should have been there from the beginning (eg h.264, DVB-S/S2 support), forcing those who want a fully-functional HTPC into unnecessary hardware purchases (with, needless to say, yet another OEM copy of Windows included on the invoice).

I guess it remains to be seen, as you say, but I'm not holding my breath, and at least there are some perfectly viable alternatives.

You have to buy a new computer with it preinstalled.

Another kick in the teeth for Microsoft's customers. Still, I guess we should be used to it by now.

(Grinderman said @ #3.1)
You have to buy a new computer with it preinstalled.

What if i'm an OEM, or is this only for DELL/HP etc.

(Raa said @ #3.2)

What if i'm an OEM, or is this only for DELL/HP etc. :(

Same here, I'm a system builder and as such have OEM's installed, I have the standard version, and not the TV pack

Actually "Fuji" wasn't ever named before now... the "Fuji" name was a codename that they use before they fully name the product. It was never intended to be the final name.

Very lame that it turned out to be OEM only. If I would of known about CableCard support and this, I would of probably purchased a pre-built Media Center rather than building my own.