Windows Media Player 11 Due on 30th October

Despite mentioning in a press release that Windows Media Player 11 would be ready for 24th October, Neowin has learned via a Microsoft spokesperson that this date has been changed to 30th October.

Windows Media Player 11 sports a new UI, better sync capabilities and an intergrated version of URGE.

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It seems that it isn't out yet...

Although its already 30 October 2006, I don't see the download on the Microsoft website...

Better hope it does not delay anymore...

i would much rather use yahoo music for legal music downloads as its all 192 kbps wma. BUT its still drm so il stick with script:emoticon('8)','')
java script:emoticon('8)','')

Any idea if the URGE can be ripped out, or just turned off? I really don't need or want it. (I refuse to pay for low-quality, DRM-infected, digital downloads)

Some of us would just like to use media player for basic stuff, like, i don't know, playing media files. Why must everything have a frigging store built into it?

It's an optional add-on install not built into WMP. If you accidentally install it (which will be difficult, because it requires two explicit clicks - once to agree to the Urge EULA, then the Urge CAB security dialog), it's easy enough to uninstall.

What do you do to get it? There's not much in WMP itself that would cause that kind of behavior - that should really be a driver problem.

Quote - zachdms said @ #24.1
What do you do to get it? There's not much in WMP itself that would cause that kind of behavior - that should really be a driver problem.

Just loading the program,loading up an url,or changing what menu I'm viewing.

I never used to get this problem with WMP 11 beta though.

A temp fix for me is to install it again,however after a restart I'd be back to the problem I had before,I honestly dont know what could be causing the problems,Disk space?,I have over a gig and had over a gig with 11 beta before I started getting the problems.

I've gone back to 10 as I dont get the problems.

Given those symptoms, if I were you I'd look for a video card driver update. It's going to be reallllly hard for WMP to blue-screen a machine, but video card drivers are pretty cranky.

As long as you use setup_wm.exe to install, you should be fine. If you don't use setup_wm.exe to install, you'll fark up your device and sharing settings.

I just tried the wmp 11 beta2.... anyway they should start working on wmp 12... so much wasted screenspace poor interface design when it comes to working with the song library.. great bloody huge headers and masses of space under each artist title.. they just don't have a clue, they don't even allow much customization outside of controlling the skin border colours.. about the amount of decent customization you get.

It really depends on the composition of your audio library. If you predominately have full albums, WMP11 looks really nice, and the display looks pleasantly open instead of wasteful (and I dare say it looks impressive if you have the album art to go with it). If you have many tracks from different albums though, WMP11 looks like junk. I think that for such cases, a checkbox to take out the artist headers would go a long ways towards usability, even if the list reverts to WMP10 styling.

Alas, only foobar2000 can really handle a mix of albums and mixed tracks and make it look good, because you get to build the look yourself. single_column_playlist for the win!

It sounds like at the least you want to be in Details instead of Tile view... turn on Show More Views and party on that way. It sounds like you're partying in Album Tiles, which sounds like not the right thing for you.

does anybody know if the final version will allow you to backup licenses as beta 2 doesn't allow you to. I haven't been able to find anything on the net about it so far.

its not that im waiting for this, in fact i hate wmp since version 7 but maybe i update because its part of windows thing....

Quote - leesmithg said @ #14
I never expect M$ to be on time.

They are like chicks always keep you waiting and turn up late!

MS also has a EXTRA when you reach down to cop a feel

tbh i find there's far better alternatives out there these days , kinda reminds me of internet explorer and firefox , ms seems to have missed the boat , only thing that its got going for them is it comes as part of windows it is a damn shame they took out the radio links in the latest beta one and slapped in premium services instead but hey i got winamp for radio now so i cant complain

i still use winamp for music, wmp for videos. i don't see wmp11 changing this for me. the portable media player icon is fubar in the control panel too after installing beta 2, hopefully this will fix it.


Just kidding. I was really hoping that it would be available today. I guess it is worth the wait. MS probably has a good reason of keeping it back another week.

Beta 2 is very buggy on both of my computers. Ironically, Beta 1 worked just fine with few or no errors. I just hope that this version will be better.

I agree with Sniper, there needs to be more features included or available when this comes out. They need new visualizations and skins. I love the album art in the library view, but that eye candy isn't everything.

Quote - backdrifter said @ #9
am I the only one that wants the large artist-song name on the now playing screen back??

Nope, i do too. Hope the re-add it. I remember it not being part of WMP10 Beta's but it was in the final version. I just hope the same goes for WMP11

Hmm i switched to winamp but i have wmp 11 beta 2 installed it runs ok i like how it sorts all the music out and categorizes them and its Auto Media info.

But its still lacking a few things, Sound improvements (winamp has better output sound then WMP still), the Resource hog (WMP is still a hog on resources), More support for Plugin's (Plugin's are the music loves fav thing on a computer WMP doesn't have alot of support for them).

Overall im still going to install WMP 11 when its released as i like to be up to date with my software.

Thanks for the heads up.....yeah, I posted that over at Bink's about it being released today as well.....then he told me it got pushed back, so I reposted and let readers know they can come here to read the PR...least I know I'm not the only one banging their heads about having to remove and repost information....especially about really quiet changes in release dates...

Hint hint......MS and Mozilla.

yeah right

News like this just makes more people start asking when it comes out and they seem to like doing it in news posts like this that clearly has the release date in it


I said it "should" but I know it won't.


"Wait, what?! I don't get it! When?!" <~whiny idiot

Microsoft has changed the release date of Windows Media Player 11 to October 30th

*three posts down the page*

Some Idiot: when does it come out again? Today right?

Elsewhere on Neowin others are creating thread after thread asking when it comes out tonight


Nice... hope this one installs on my system, the Beta 2 had some issues with my internet connection... or my internet connection has issues of its own. Either way, hope this one works better for me.

Hmm, I guess that means I should stop refreshing the download page then :/

That's too bad, my hard drive is almost completely filled up with huge MPEG-2 files because of the beta WMP11 breaking BeyondTV's showsqueezing functionality and I was really hoping to start reclaiming that space today :(.