Windows Media Player Sidebar Gadget

This sidebar gadget has all the capabilities of WMP as embedded in a web page including the ability to play playlists, moves, audio, etc (.wpl, .wmv, .as''. Paths must be entered as URL's including files (i.e., file://c:/my.wpl). The gadget can play local videos, streaming videos and audio. The next version will alllow for storage and persistence of entered URL's and the ability to scroll through them.

Download: Windows Media Player Sidebar Gadget (41.8KB, Freeware)
View: Windows Media Video Sidebar Gadget
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
News source: MSDN Blogs

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The title of the gadget is misleading, it's just another sub wmp gadget that plays streaming video, not one that controls wmp. grrr.

I dont think you can make a gadget that can control WMP. Vista Gadgets are html and script. Im sure you can make a gadget using the WMP SDK for an gadget media player with your music library but not control WMP.

On that gadget I see the feature "Jump to WMP: returns gadget to sidebar and launches WindowsMediaPlayer" which makes me think that it didnt control WMP but ran its own player using the SDK to gain access to the media library and the ActiveX WMP control to play music.

I hope the Skins Factory updates and releases that gadget but here is a copy someone made and posted on Windows Live Gallery:

Crashed my sidebar when it tried to load my music library. Other than that it plays fine.

Having a windows media player controling gadget is useless unless you can hide the player from the taskbar and desktop

I won't use the sidebar untill they add full support for WPF. Where is the WMP gadget we have been seeing for years? The one with all the cool animations and stuff.

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