Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM leaks for Sony Xperia

Earlier we saw a YouTube user posting a video of Windows Mobile 6.5 on his HTC Touch HD, now we have another user from xda-developers forum who has ported the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 to Sony Xperia phone already

Below are some screenshots.

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Gotta say, I HATE the 6.5 interface so far. It seems to provide nothing new.

I already have large menu's, I already have a decent "home" layout customised to my needs.

Maybe it is just me alone, but I'm not looking forward to 6.5 at this stage (it is too early to say with just these minor shots and pre-release vids)...

I don't like the new honeycomb start menu replacement. I find the start menu in its default (not "touch enhanced") setup perfect...

I hate the new today screen so I hope I can turn that off and go back to SBSH Pocket Breeze...

Hmm... voicemail needs to be capitalized... and a few characters displaying incorrectly in the first screenshot... other than that, it looks good!

This is high DPI device - so on actual device text would not look big and ugly. Antialiasing is rather useless in this situation.

Scirwode said,
Looks much better than that crazy bird wallpaper :P .


Then again, I hate the Hex Layout. I'd rather have the icons arranged in a grid like in Explorer.