Windows Mobile 7 release delayed

According to Cnet Microsoft has been informing its partners that it will be delaying Windows Mobile 7 to the second half of next year.

Windows Mobile 7 was widely expected to be released to device partners and operators early next year. The delay could severely set back sales of Windows Mobile devices as Apple's iPhone sales grow stronger and Google's G1 android device looks to make an impact in the smartphone market.

Earlier this year news leaked about multi touch, motion gestures and a new UI for Windows Mobile 7 pictured below which drew huge excitement from Windows Mobile and smartphone fans.

Despite HTC updating Windows Mobile with the touchflo interface and Samsung introducing its own interface on top of Windows Mobile the operating system still requires an overhaul to bring it in line with touch based devices. Here's hoping that Microsoft get Windows Mobile 7 out as soon as possible as we are all looking forward to it.

Microsoft has not commented publicly on the news.

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They are probably investigating and trying to copy features from Android and iPhone.
I hope by the time it is out, most of the HTC phones will be on Android.
Why pay money for something that is slow and with such a bad user interface while there is something better and free?
You can see the power of monopoly here.
HTC, Samsung, and other smart phones manufacturers pay Microsoft for WM, but still they have to hire software people to build the missing nicer and more useful user interface on top of it.
Not only does it make the already-slow OS even slower, it also adds to the manufacturing costs.
I really hope Android will come out great and just kill WM.
Those HTC phones are very nice and fully equipped with latest hardware, but the pity is that it runs on WM.

Yes, I totally paid that huge premium for my $50 BlackJack II that I just paid a whopping $0 billion to upgrade to WM6.1. If only I had waited and gotten a $200 phone with a FREE operating system and a touch interface that I have to coddle and pamper because display tech is just barely keeping up with input innovations.

when did microsoft ever announce a release date for win mo 7? you can't say delay when microsoft never announced the product.

win mo 7 was ALWAYS planned for summer of 2009. anything earlier was just baseless assumptions and rumors.

Apparently you didn't read the article. It states that WM7 will be moved back to the second half, it doesn't say summer.

Here's another article:

"Officially, Windows Mobile 7 has been delayed from the first half of 2009 to the second half 2009... real world time-to-market is always further lengthened by Microsoft's mobile carrier and hardware partners, who typically add another 6 to 12 months to the schedule."

If you look at it that way, it goes from being (Microsoft time) Summer 2009 to Winter 2009 and then added partner time goes from Winter 2009 to Spring 2010.

um, this article is from CNET citing anonymous sources. I think I will wait for a reputable NEWS site before I make the assumption this is true rather than the usual CNET bull****e. :cheeky:

They USED to be reputable. If you are saying they have become reputable again, I'll take a fresh, new look...just because you have some legitimate credibility.

(Beastage said @ #6.3)

CNET were among the leading anti vista fact lacking propaganda machine.


I never heard a positive statement about PCs on CNET other than when they review hardware, in which case there is always an Apple reference. And look at the hundreds of articles on CNET saying "Vista is Slow" or "Speed Up Vista" or "Get a Mac".

CNET = the FOX News of Computers.

Looks nice. Hopefully it is out asap what with the iPhone's momentum and Androids impending availability. MS may have a hard time catching up in the home consumer market if they lag too long, although I would imagine they will hold up better in the business end.